Why SSO is a must have for G Suite

By now, you have probably heard of or seen “SSO.” However, not many people know what these three letters stand for or the exact meaning of SSO. In this article, I will concisely explain what SSO is, its benefits, and lastly, introduce KillerID.

SSO stands for Single Sign On. Simply put, it is a service often used in the workplace that allows one set of login credentials (username, password) to access multiple websites or applications. With SSO, users can use their one set of credentials to access various applications that they have been given rights to.This allows users to conveniently switch between websites at work.
To further dive into SSO’s benefits, SSO helps users by alleviating them from the burden of the need to remember various sets of passwords. Think about how many times you have forgotten your password and need to create a new password. In order to do so, you need to access your email. But what if you forgot your email password too? The cycle goes on. With SSO, you can eliminate unnecessary stress, but your day at work can also be made more efficient because there will be no more time wasted trying to retrieve your password.
Without SSO, many users become lazy and submit to unsecure password habits, such as taping various passwords to the pc monitor. Such habits are easily susceptible to hacking. However, with only one set of login credentials to remember, workers can easily brainstorm a unique set of credentials that will enhance security, and there will be no need to write it down anywhere.

Other benefits of SSO lie on the administrator’s side. Because there are less passwords employees need to remember, there will be less calls to the helpdesk. This equates to more time spent on other tasks for both the user and the administrator. Furthermore, SSO aids administrators in their compliance policies as it helps organizations increase control of users’ access to certain information.

So now let’s talk about KillerID. KillerID is one of the popular providers of SSO services for companies with G-Suite domains. Not only does it provide SSO login service, but it equips services such as user account management and automation that integrate with the client company’s HR system. Thirdly, it provides domain level of email auditing and data leak prevention for companies that are on the G Suite Enterprise plan. Furthermore, KillerID is 100% based on Google Cloud Platform and passed Google’s high security review.
In short, if your company is interested in obtaining SSO, KillerID is an excellent provider due to the many additional benefits that come with the package. Major benefits include the seamless integration between HR system of the company and user management. In addition, you can closely monitor your employees’ activities as well as their settings. There is an extra layer of protection offered due to its data loss prevention services. Some of KillerID clients include Fila, Kakao, and Hanmi Pharmaceuticals.