How to be Up to Date with Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft is constantly improving and updating. So how do you make sure that you are using the newest version of Microsoft? If this is your question, then you are in the right place. This article will explore multiple ways to check for updates in Microsoft products.
Although Microsoft automatically roll out updates for its products, you can also check for updates on its products manually. For example, open any Microsoft product (such as Word, Powerpoint etc.), and click “File.” Then on the pop-up bar, you should either see “Account” or “Office Account.” After choosing this, click on “Update Options” that’s right next to Office Updates. Now click “Update Now.” If there is an update available, your laptop should automatically start downloading. For more information, visit here.
Now let’s talk about how to keep track and follow Microsoft’s updates on newest features, customer success stories, and other related topics. It is very simple; just follow Microsoft’s official blog at, if you think there are too many irrelevant information on the blog site, you can also filter the posts based on what tools you use, which industry you are in, or what topics you are interested in learning more about.
There are various other ways to learn about Microsoft’s updates and features. For example, at this page you can view all of Microsoft’s important updates on a year basis. For example, one of the pages read “Office 365 Planned Service Changes for 2018” and if you click on it, you will see all changes categorized by the month of its posting.
In addition, there is Office 365 Roadmap that you can checkout. With this, you can see an overall view of planned and features that will be released.
There are many ways to be up to date with Microsoft. You can choose the way that you prefer and be up to date with Microsoft easily!