Netkiller ISMS for Google Workplace

Keeping Your Data Safe From All External and Internal Threats

Netkiller ISMS offers (1) Real-time Google Drive Activity for entire domain(or target user), (2)Unlimited Google Docs Revision, (3) Data Loss Prevention for Google Workspace(G Suite) Google Drive that enables organizations to monitor and protect sensitive contents shared with people within or outside of organizations. It prevents users from sharing sensitive data such as PII, SSN and credit card info with regular expressions and pre-built rules setup. Netkiller ISMS's unique engine allows it to detect all of files in Google Drive, including Google Forms, and also records unlimited number of drive revision activities.


G Suite Integration
Netkiller ISMS connects with all of your Google Drive and Google Workspace(G Suite) files to become a pervasive and secure force within your data. All domain users, all of their files and personal data are protected.
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Location Monitoring
With IP tracking and location monitoring, ensuring your files are only accessed by your users is simple. Each access point is given a marker on the map, and each can be inspected individually.
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Custom Expression & Keywords
Netkiller ISMS monitors and controls all file activity within your domain. Your most sensitive files and documents will be stopped before they make it out of your hands.


G Suite Integration
& Reporting

Global File Activity
Reports & Audits

Keyword & Data
Type Detection

Custom Data
Policy Creation

Monitoring of all internal Google Drive activities

Both internal drive files and files shared by external users in shared drives can be detected. All editions of Google Workspace(G Suite Basic / Business / Enterprise) are supported.

Unlimited revision history, IP tracking management function

Possible to track IP of users who access documents and files. Netkiller ISMS provides the ability to store an unlimited document revision history and keeps track of activities.

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Custom regular expression, keyword detection function

You can set the trigger action (isolation, centralization, sharing permission control, file name change, administrator notification, etc.) to be taken in real time when it detects the content being written or already written in the document and matches a pre-registered keyword (or regular expression). 



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Netkiller ISMS is a data leakage prevention platform that allows you to check the revisions and sharing status of all files in Google Drive, and enables real-time audit monitoring of sensitive keywords or regular expressions defined by your company.

In a data-driven world where a lot of information is stored digitally today, data loss incidents are growing exponentially as sensitive information is stored on computers or in the cloud. As a result, loss of sensitive data or confidential information, regardless of company size or industry, can lead to corporate external image, financial loss, and even civil and criminal liability. Accordingly, the internal information leakage prevention solution is recognized as the minimum safety measure to protect the company’s important digital assets.

Netkiller ISMS works with Google Workspace(G Suite Basic, Business) as well as Enterprise Plan. If you do not have a Google Workspace(G Suite), we can set it up together.

Google Workspace(G Suite) ISMS is only available in Google Workspace(G Suite) Enterprise edition. Netkiller ISMS can be implemented in Google Workspace(G Suite Basic and Business), without having to upgrade entire accounts to Enterprise plan. Netkiller ISMS scans all of google drive files, including google forms, files shared from the outside of the domain, and it can retain unlimited versions of files. For more details, please contact our sales team.