Netkiller Google Drive Security Scan Service

Protect Google Drive files with 'Netkiller Google Drive Full Scan Service'

Documents and files in Google Drive can be shared with various permissions, such as sharing with specific external accounts and providing links for everyone outside of your domain to see, but there is always a risk of security incidents such as sharing to the wrong person. ‘Google Drive Full Scan Service’ can prevent security incidents like this and it allows admin to index the sharing settings and permissions of all documents (files) in the company, upgraded by Netkiller ISMS solution.

Find the sharing status of all documents and files of employees in the company's Google Drive and the security level of externally leaked content at a glance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Full scan only to report current Google Drive status and  Google Workspace service use are completely irrelevant. It won’t affect your Google Workspace. 

The service can be integrated with Netkiller ISMS and custom development also available based on client needs.

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