Five Easy Ways to Track G Suite Updates

Google is constantly improving and updating its applications. The question is how do you keep track of all those changes? The answer is actually very simple. In fact, there are multiple ways to keep track of G Suite’s updates because Google shares all of the information about its applications—such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, and more— with the public.
Method #1: G Suite release dates on a calendar

To follow G Suite’s newest releases, you can view them on Google’s calendar: .
As you may have noticed, the calendar events are color coded. Green means scheduled release features. Red means rapid release features. Blue represents resource releases that includes training materials. Other releases, such as newsletter, design changes, pre-announcements, are color coded with yellow. On the bottom right corner of Google’s calendar, you will see a “+ Google Calendar” icon. Once you click the icon, the scheduled updates will be automatically included on your personal Google Calendar. In addition, you will have the option of choosing which set of color coded events mentioned above you would like to follow. As for suggestions, people subscribe to “Rapid Release” or “Scheduled Release.”
If you are unsure of the launch cycle your account is on, you can check with your G Suite administrator. You can also choose to shut off the display of releases any time.

Method #2: G Suite Blog Post

You can also follow G Suite’s blog post:
In G Suite’s blog post, you will find information about the most significant updates. You can bookmark the page for future uses, or you can choose to receive blog updates via email.

Method #3: Review Last Month’s Launches

To periodically review updates, you can read the G Suite recap newsletter that sends monthly updates:
The convenient point about this method is that you can view all of G Suite’s important updates from a certain month easily. Simply browse the titles of updates and click on the links that interest you. Furthermore, this newsletter is available in two versions: as a PDF that contains five languages (English, Japanese, French, Portuguese, and Spanish) or as a Google Doc. 

Method #4: Follow G Suite’s Social Media Accounts

G Suite has a youtube channel named 
What’s new for G Suite Admins. This is suitable for people who prefer to watch videos. G Suite’s youtube channel talks about the monthly key updates. Other social media includes Twitter @GSuite and Google+Both are great choices for you to view G Suite team’s announcements, news, and tips on their products. You can choose any of these social medias that suit your preference as they all project similar information.

Method #5: Search by Keyword, Date, or Product

You can visit for a detailed list of updates. A convenient feature about this site is that you can enter a keyword to explore related updates. As an alternative, you can also view This page does not show dates, but you can still search with keywords.
As you can see, there are many possible methods to find updates on Google. Find the method that suits you and stay in tune with Google!