Why Barcode Scanner with Google Sheets is better than Excel

Why Barcode Scanner with Google Sheets is better than Excel

Advantages of Scanning to Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel is a common tool used in inventory management. Today you can utilize barcode applications and upload to an excel spreadsheet. But your excel file runs the risk of being lost or damaged. This is why barcode scanner for Google Sheets is essential. In fact, it is more portable and handy. Netkiller Barcode Scanner allows you to do the same exact application. It can be used as a database for inventory management. With a simple scan, an item’s information can be uploaded to Google Sheets.
Here are a few reasons why use Google Sheet would make sense as your inventory management tool.
You don’t need any new software.
You don’t need to download a new software as you can open your files in Google Sheets format in any device. Google Sheets and Google Drive allow you to be mobile wherein using just an internet and browser you can make changes and view your documents.
This is a convenient and easy way of inventory management. Furthermore, even if you don’t have an internet connection you can view your documents through Google Docs’ offline features. Google Sheets are also evolving to have more capabilities and features.

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Create Graphs with Google Sheets
With its tools, you can create graphs that will allow you to view your information in different formats. Graphs provide an accurate picture of your inventory and enables you to make reports. This is a great feature of Google Sheets based inventory management.

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Improve your inventory management workflow
Furthermore, you can use Google Sheets and Google Form as these applications are complimentary. This supports inventory management for Google Drive since a form can be filled up and integrated with the barcode scanner. The same data will be uploaded to Google Sheets making it easy to create a barcode field. This makes it easier to track the information wherein you have a unique barcode to identify items in your inventory.
Combine sheets with Google Sheet’s “IMPORTRANGE” function
It’s also effortless to manage different sheets. This is because Google Sheet has an “IMPORTRANGE” function. This enables you to conduct a thorough analytics if you have data sets across different sheets. This can be merged into one allowing you sift through the data with ease. The original data is preserved while you create a new spreadsheet that shows all of the information you need. To learn more about IMPORTRANGE function, click here.
Use Google Add-on with your barcode data
The barcode scanner for Google Sheets is a complete inventory management program wherein you will almost never lose your data. Your information is secure and readily accessible making it effortless to complete your inventory workflow tasks. You can also use Google Sheets Add-on for printing barcode labels wherein it seamlessly works with your inventory management.
It works with smartphones.

The barcode app with Google Sheet is a powerful combination in terms of inventory management. It works with any iOS and Android based smartphone and you don’t need to reinvest on heavy gadgets if you’re doing inventory management. Significantly, this is a less expensive way of managing data and having a barcode that keeps track of all your items.

A Google Sheets based barcode scanning application give you the flexibility unlike doing inventory work in Microsoft Excel. With the Netkiller Barcode Scanner, you have quick access to Google Sheets wherein you can import and export information. This allows you to have a collaborative workflow with all the information stored and secured.

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* To use Netkiller Barcode Scanner your phone needs a barcode scanning application. Depending on the type of device you use, restrictions may apply.

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