Google Sheets based Barcode Scanner for iPhone & Android

Netkiller has upgraded Netkiller Barcode Scanner with a major update. The brand-new Netkiller Barcode Scanner 2.0 (NBS 2.0) comes with more powerful features that enable users to design more dynamic forms with variable fields on Google Sheet. When scanning items, now you can use many fields that you need such as ‘drop-down menu’, ‘last updated timestamp’, ‘radio buttons’, ‘quantity’ and more.

This app can be used in any iOS or Android devices. Also, you can login with your Google account from mobile browser, design a form for mobile screen which can be integrated with your Google sheet. So, when a user captures a barcode and updates a data such as item name, or location on a smartphone, it’s gets logged into your Google Sheet. The app supports most of the barcode formats.

NBS 2.0 supports both Google Apps and personal Gmail accounts. For example, if your organization has implemented Google Apps for Work, your admin can install this app and can manage accessible users and create a Google Sheet as a master database for your company.

Here are a few actual client use cases :

  • Asset Management: IT department rents out equipments such as mobile phone, laptops and chromebooks. An admin staff needs to check in and check out gears to customers. Also, he can track purchase order numbers, price of devices and setup due dates per item.

  • Inventory Management: A hotel needed to keep track of inventory of non-perishing goods for all hotel divisions (furniture, equipment, tools, whites, towels, etc).

  • Membership Rewards: A school uses NBS to scan high school student ID cards to track the rewards system. School teachers can scan a student’s barcode for reward points and add up the total points earned by a student.  Also, a mobile user can record why the student received the point as well.

  • Attendance System: A school wanted to keep track of attendance at mandatory events. A user can scan the barcode to upload the course code and submit that a user has attended the mandatory class and completed the course.

  • Event: A non-profit organization holds a small charity event. After a visitor buys a ticket, a volunteer staff can scan the ticket at the entrance.

If you had used the old version of Netkiller Barcode Scanner (NBS 1.0), you need to login to create a new mobile form and create a new Google Sheet as the old one will not be supported in the future. Since Google Sheet is used for the database, you can copy and paste the old data into the new sheet.

For more information about how to use NBS 2.0, please refer to the user guide by clicking here.

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