Netkiller Augments Google Apps with Script Applications

Google Apps Script is a scripting language based on JavaScript that lets you do new and cool things with Google Apps applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms.

Netkiller, a Premier Google Apps partner and Cloud integration firm, releases a Google Apps Script based apps as below and also offers custom script app as a service for small, medium and enterprise companies.

What are the Benefits?
Script based App is lightweight and easy to use. Also, you can save time and money as you don’t need to build an entire application but you can accomplish similar results with scripts. Many small businesses love Script based Apps but a particular team or group in a large sized organization can also utilize scripts to make the most out of Google Apps experience.

What I Can Do with Apps Script?
With Apps Script, you can add custom menus, dialogs, and sidebars to Google Docs, Sheets and Forms. Also, custom functions that can  interact with Google services such as Google Analytics, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Drive and Google Maps can be embedded. It can also be   embedded to Google Sites and be published as a web app.
Here are 11 top script based applications available from Netkiller.

  • Bulk Personalized Email Solution: You can send bulk emails in a personalized manner (with recipients names and custom text) to multiple lists simultaneously on just a single click. This solution which also supports images and attachments can be used for email campaigns that are personalized to each individual.
  • Google Apps Activity Reporting: Shows logical activities of entire Google Apps users and enable search within a certain timeframe. Also, it shows if a user’s mailbox quota has reached 95% and an Email notification will be sent.
  • Control of Google Drive Folders: Files shared by a certain user can be placed within a specific folder, just like Gmail filter.
  • Automatic Email Archiving to Google Vault: Forward user’s entire inbound emails to a specific Google Vault accounts to use them as a centralized email backup or archiving repository.
  • Shared Contacts for Google Contacts:  You can have a shared contacts app to sync your Google contacts to Google sheets and share certain contacts with your colleagues.
  • Mass Contacts Deletion: Delete emails of certain business domain in a user’s google contacts.
  • One Click Permission Change: With a push of a button, you revoke the editing permission of other users.
  • Employee Birthday Roaster with Integration of Google Calendar: After creating a Domain shared Calendar and a spreadsheet with everyone’s birthday information, a script can be used to automatically create yearly event for people’s birthday in “Employee Birthday” calendar.
  • Mail merge and scheduling for Gmail: Send bulk Email with the Email and Name information in spreadsheet on a scheduled time.
  • Bulk Addition of Email Aliases: Add multiple email aliases to multiple google apps accounts in a single click.
  • Workflow for Google Docs/Sheets: Request an approval to any user with an email ID.

Using the script app is easy. You can just install the script app in Google docs and additional menu will be displayed so users can just click to start the app within Google Docs.

Netkiller provides many script based apps and can also build a custom script app. Netkiller has done hundreds of script projects and now offers some of script app  free to their clients.

To learn more about script and what are the best options for your company are, please contact Netkiller script experts at

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