Netkiller Cloud Newsletter – Recap of Aug 2015

August 2015

Netkiller News & Updates

20 Must Have Features for Google Docs Workflow
When it comes to Workflow Function for Google Docs/Drive, there is no suitable solution you can use in Google Apps for Work. Use this as a checklist to eplore what can be better for your business with 20 workflow features. 
New Chromebooks for Work, Things to Know
Using right cloud solutions is important, and your choice of the right device also matters. Great devices can make your business better. Check out what’s new on new Chromebooks and Compare powerful features of various Chromebooks.    
Case Study – Collaborative Workflow in a global NGO
Let’s see how ThePromise, a global Non-Governmental Organization, uses Collavate to build structured workflow (document approval) on Google Apps for better flow of daily works.
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