What is Happening with Postini GMS? Netkiller has the Scoop:

Google announced that in January of 2012 they would begin transitioning Google Apps users with Postini GMS onto new integrated Google Apps mail functions.  According to Google, the development of native features within Google Apps is working to eliminate the need for Postini Google Message Security in most cases.  As such, new Google Apps customers will not receive Postini GMS bundled into their Google Apps, and existing Google Apps customers will no longer have Postini GMS as part of their Google Apps.

Some of the native features that will work to replace Postini GMS within Google Apps include content compliance, objectionable content, append footers, approved sender lists, blocked sender lists, attachment compliance, and restrict email delivery.

Postini GMS services are still available, however, and customers who use Google Message Security independently of Google Apps will not be affected by this transition to native Google Apps features.

If Google Apps customers prefer to continue using Postini GMS they can do so.  Many customers have grown accustomed to Postini GMS.  The separate control panel allows admins to monitor security with a variety of control functions beyond Google Apps spam filtering, including setting spam sensitivity controls, Quarantine Summary reports, and the Postini Message Center for spam management.

Since it is no longer part of the Google Apps bundle, Postini GMS is now available to Google Apps customers for an additional $12 per user per month.  Netkiller is happy to provide assistance to any customer who wishes to use Postini GMS.  Please contact us for more information.

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