RFSignalman Leverages Google Technology to Test for Fire Code Compliance and Promote Safety

Netkiller is an IT cloud integration firm that specializes in custom developed cloud applications built on the Google Apps Engine.  RFSignalman, a newly formed independent testing company and division of Niemann Technology Inc. (NTI),  contracted Netkiller to help them go Google, and to augment their Google Apps system with a custom Google Apps Engine-based application that supports the specific needs of their testing service.

Since the events of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent investigation into building safety by both FEMA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), fire codes have been modified by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) to include a mandatory annual certification of sufficient radio coverage for Public Safety emergency responders within buildings.  Meeting these codes is the legal responsibility of the property owner.

RFSignalman helps property owners meet these safety challenges by testing Public Safety radio coverage within buildings.  Initially located in Elk Grove, CA, their ultimate goal is to have their field service in every US city.  They work with both property owners and Public Safety, providing accurate data that is utilized to meet fire code regulations and improve Public Safety communications.

NTI chose Google Apps as the core platform for RFSignalman based on life cycle cost, functionality and the speed of deployment.  Utilizing cloud based applications and data storage reduces the functionality required from remote equipment and ultimately improves the client experience by eliminating downtime and errors associated with updates and changes.  The custom application developed for RFSignalman by Netkiller integrates customer and Public Safety account management, data archiving, automatic reporting, scheduling and billing functionality.

The application streamlines the testing process and separates user access keeping it secure by differentiating the information presented to administrators, customers, field engineers, and Public Safety along with the unique functionality  necessary to meet the needs of each set of users.  Measurement data is gathered from multiple locations within a building and around the exterior.  These data files are uploaded to the application, which then generates various reports to demonstrate the property owners’ compliance with fire code.  Public Safety then uses the application to review building reports and export data for GIS applications.

The Google Platform provides cutting edge capabilities, low equipment cost, minimal administration, and reduced risk of obsolescence, which will allow RFSignalman to launch very rapidly in multiple markets with minimal overhead and network infrastructure costs.

“The major improvement to our business is the time and cost savings achieved in automating our test process with the Google Apps Engine.  Days of manual collection, logging and analysis are now reduced to hours.  This is a significant savings and will reduce the annual costs for all property owners, improve the safety within our buildings and help to ensure the effectiveness of our emergency response teams.  The Google platform will also help our company to grow by providing an economical means of collaborating, training, and social marketing.”

– Paul Niemann, President of RFSignalman.com