Netkiller Implements Custom Help Desk for CTE

The Cumberland Truck Equipment Company (CTE) is a Pennsylvania based company that provides service and support for heavy duty trucks, as well as commercial truck leasing. Netkiller, global IT cloud innovator and application developer, has constructed a cloud help desk for CTE.  Using the custom help desk users can easily log issues and requests and receive internal company support.  The system is streamlined to allow employees and support staff to communicate efficiently to solve problems and resolve internal requests.

For employees, two tabs are available; “New Request” and “Request History.” On “New Request,” there is a form to submit with any problem the user is facing. Upon submission, the request is sent to support along with a notification email. On the “Request History” page all past requests can be viewed. Clicking a request item causes details to appear with all the comment logs. When support enters a comment, receives a request, or closes a request, a notification email is sent to the employee that generated the request.

There are three tabs available in the support user interface; “Open Requests,” “Accepted Requests,” “Closed Requests,” and “All Requests.” New requests appear in “Open Requests” in the support UI.  Once a support member accepts a case that case is moved to the “Accepted Requests” list. Closed cases can be found under the “Close Request” tab.  Any support member can accept an open request, and upon doing so will be prompted to add a comment notifying the employee that submitted the request.  Comment history is maintained with every case. Also, when a user (employee) closes a request an email is sent to that user notifying him or her of the case status to confirm that the case has been closed successfully.

Netkiller’s custom help desks are a useful tool for case management for internal and external users and customers.  They are scalable to meet the needs of small, medium, and even much larger companies.  The structure and workflow of a help desk can be modified to meet the unique needs of any organization, providing valuable tools to promote communication between employees, and between businesses and their customers.

About Netkiller

Netkiller enables users to perform business activities on the cloud with heightened collaborative capabilities.

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