Netkiller Shared Contacts Moves to a GNU Affero General Public Licence (AGPL)

Netkiller Shared Contacts is one of Netkiller’s applications listed on the Google Apps Marketplace.  Netkiller has a strong conviction in the value of open source, believing that transparency and communication makes for a stronger community, and stronger products.  As a result of this commitment to open source, Netkiller has decided to move Netkiller Shared Contacts onto a GNU AGPL in order to better collaborate with partners and customers.

GNU AGPL is a copyleft licence that promotes the free use, modification, and redistribution of a product–in this case the web application.  Netkiller is an advocate of this free, transparent access to source code because it promotes collaborative innovation and sharing that increases the quality of the experience for all parties.  Open source is also an incredibly fast and effective way to receive direct feedback on web-based products like Netkiller Shared Contacts.

Besides simply sharing the open source code for Netkiller Shared Contacts, the use of AGPL protects the rights of collaborators in two steps.  First, the license asserts the copyright on the software, and second, it offers the license to everyone, giving legal permission to copy, distribute, and modify the software.

Learn more about GNU AGPL here.  Also, visit the Netkiller website to learn more about Netkiller Shared Contacts.

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