Top 10 Reasons to Use Netkiller Shared Contacts for Google Apps

“The smartest contact sharing application for Google Apps.”

Netkiller Shared Contacts is a Pure Google Apps contact sharing solution based on Gmail Contacts. Share customer, partner, and employee contact information on a per-user basis within a Google Apps domain.  Easily manage access permissions and editing capabilities. Search for contacts in the user friendly application interface, or directly on Android or iPhone smartphones, which automatically synchronize users’ personal address books, including Netkiller Shared Contacts content.

1. Address Book Sharing and Search
The Netkiller Shared Contacts application is easily accessible from the menu tab at the top of Google Apps. Register contacts to be shared, such as customers and partners, and other users can review and quickly retrieve the information with the intuitive search functionality of the application.

2. Send Email Directly with Auto-completion in Gmail
Once a contact’s email has been added in the application interface all users with access will have that address included in the auto-complete function of their individual Gmail accounts.  Enter a few characters of the email address, and the address will be automatically located and completed.  Additionally, emailing multiple shared contacts can easily be done directly from the application interface by checking each contact to be included in the massage and using the “Mail To” button, which will redirect to Gmail with a message already populated with the addresses of the checked contacts.
3. Bulk Upload your Address Book
Contacts can be uploaded to the application in bulk using a sample CSV file.  Hangul characters are supported via a Google Docs Spreadsheet (fill out the spreadsheet and then download it in CSV format, and then upload the CSV file to the application).  Upload up to 30,000 contacts (up to 100 contacts with the free version of the application).

4. Easy Contact Modification, and Google Maps Integration
Registered contacts can be quickly and easily modified in one click as shown below.  When a contact’s address bar is clicked the application displays the location via Google Maps.

5. Automatic Synchronization with Personal Gmail Contacts
When the Netkiller Shared Contacts application is installed in a Google Apps domain a shared folder name is specified by the administrator of the domain. This is the Gmail ‘shared contacts’ folder which appears in all users’ Gmail accounts, and shared contacts from the application’s address book are automatically copied to this shared folder as shown below. (No individual account information is shared by or stored in the Netkiller Shared Contacts application.  Shared Contacts can only be shared with users within the same Google Apps domain.  Admins control which users will see shared contacts within their domain.)

6. Address Book Search Supported for both iPhone & Android
iPhone and Android smartphones registered to user accounts within the Google Apps domain utilizing the Netkiller Shared Contacts application will have access to the shared contacts, including the ability to search the shared contacts list as shown below.  Off-line use with these mobile devices also supports the search function, etc.  
7. User-specific Permission Management
The Netkiller Shared Contacts application for Google Apps allows users’ permissions to be modified on a per-user basis, as shown below.  For example, Google Apps system administrators can edit the permissions of all users simultaneously, or grant specific users privileges by directly selecting each individual user and managing his or her rights, choosing which users have permission to edit contacts in the shared contacts address book and which do not.  Users placed in the Restricted Users menu do not have access to the shared contacts within the application address book at all.

8. The Security Level of Google Apps
The Netkiller Shared Contacts application for Google Apps is a 100% Google Apps-based product.  As a result, the application benefits from the security of the same FISMA and SAS 70-Type II certified data centers as Google Apps itself.  The application uses the Google Contacts APIs, using real-time data processing, which means that the application itself does not store customer data, and all data is stored and secured via Google Apps.

9. Native support for SSL Security Encryption Protocol
The Netkiller Shared Contacts application runs on the Google Apps Engine, which is located in the Google data center at, thus NSC supports SSL encryption.

10. Install the Application Now from the Google Apps Marketplace!
Netkiller Shared Contacts has passed the stringent security screening of the Google Apps Marketplace, and is already being used by hundreds of Google Apps customers.  Download the free version for use with up to 100 shared contacts, or share up to 30,000 contacts with the paid version at $199 per year.

The stability of Netkiller Shared Contacts for Google Apps has been verified through the Google Apps Global Marketplace.  100% Pure Google Apps solutions ensure maximum reliability through the Google Apps SLA (Service Level Agreement).