Netkiller Customization Fits All Your Inventory Needs

The Netkiller Cloud Barcode Scanner is an application that brings inventory management onto the cloud in one user-friendly and flexible solution.  It is the flexibility of cloud solutions that allows the Netkiller Barcode Scanner to meet a broad set of needs in multiple settings.  In order to optimize the application for different organizations’ unique needs Netkiller works with clients to customize the app.  Two custom projects in which Netkiller worked with clients to create unique methods of streamlining management with the Netkiller Barcode Scanner application include inventory management systems for Mobility Bathworks and for Edgartown Bicycles.
Admin C-Panel

The Netkiller Cloud Barcode Scanner application is a pure Google Apps solution.  This means that it is built on the Google Apps engine, and benefits from the security and reliability of Google Apps, meeting the same uptime guarantees and service level agreement.  As a pure Google Apps solution, this web application also does not require additional software, and the only hardware necessary is an Android, iPhone, or USB barcode scanner.  In addition to being secure and cost effective, the Netkiller Barcode Scanner provides mobility and flexibility; the application is designed to be customizable, and on top of the built-in functions of the application, Netkiller can build on and modify the application to meet the unique needs of any inventory management system.

Mobility Bathworks is a dealer and installer of  walk in tubs and mobility showers throughout the United States and Canada.  Mobility Bathworks required an inventory system that could keep track of their stock items in an efficient localized database with accessibility from multiple locations.  In order to meet their needs Netkiller provided them with basic customization of the Netkiller Cloud Barcode Scanner application, making it easy to update and maintain a coherent inventory database within Google docs from any location, just by using an Android or iPhone to scan and update inventory items.

Edgartown Bicycles is a bicycle rental company that provides a variety of quality bicycles and bicycle accessories, such as child attachments (baby seats, child trailers, etc.).  With rentals constantly moving in and out of their rental locations a method to efficiently manage their inventory is necessary.  With the Netkiller Barcode Scanner the task of keeping track of their mobile inventory becomes a streamlined and comprehensive process. Beyond the basic application customization, Netkiller built full inventory function for Edgartown Bicycles, including an administrator control panel (Admin c-panel).  

Netkiller Barcode Scanner Admin Control Panel
Netkiller Barcode Scanner Admin Control Panel

The Admin c-panel adds several useful interfaces to the web application allowing users to more easily track their inventory with details about customers, rental times, a searchable stock list, and graphical displays.  Admins can access the control panel to see the current status of inventory. The customization possibilities for Netkiller’s pure Google Apps solutions really are endless.  

Current Inventory Status with Graphs
Current Inventory Status with Graphs

The Cloud Barcode Scanner modifications for clients like Mobility Bathworks and Edgartown Bicycles are two examples among unlimited potential cases built around the unique needs of organizations.  Another innovative customization built by Netkiller’s skilled professionals is the Order Management feature, which allows for a more complex workflow for inventory structures that must accommodate not only the movement of individual inventory, but organizing, packaging, and directing multiple item orders.  

Order management includes the ability to generate invoices and work order forms with codes that correspond to the orders, keeping all relevant data securely stored in the database and accessible through the web application.

To learn more about the Netkiller Cloud Barcode Scanner and other pure Google Apps solutions visit the Netkiller website at

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