Streamline Workflow from Google Apps to External Users

If you are looking for a program that will help you with workflow management and security for Google apps, then netkiller_Docs is your best option as it is compatible with not just your personal Gmail accounts but also with other non-Google accounts.
When you have netkiller_Docs, you can easily send a document to other users and ask them to review it thoroughly and approve it. For instance, let’s say you want to send an official document to your partners or clients who use non-Google apps and are external users; in this case, you can choose from My Google contacts or enter their email addresses.
When you use netkiller_Docs, you will realize that sending Google docs and getting them approved has never been so easy and simple. When you add recipients to the workflow, you will easily be able to select between internal users or externals users by choosing between Google app users or email. Also, document history such as submission and approval is logged  so tracking activity is a breeze.

How You Can Effectively Streamline Workflow from Google Apps to a Gmail User

If you have a client that doesn’t have a Google account or Google apps, then sending a document for him to view is almost impossible. However, with netkiller_Docs, as the collative screen shows below, you can easily click on the ‘add’ button below, select the ‘approve (email) as recipient and the person will be added. Also, if you wish to add workflow steps, then youcan click on the ‘add’ button and send the document to the third person when the second person approves the document.
Once you have entered that, click the ‘approve email’ menu, enter the recipients email or select it for your Google contact by clicking the ‘Contacts’ tab.
After you have finished assigning the recipients, simply click the ‘submit’ button so that the document is sent to the next responsible person, who will receive notification via email.
When this user opens the email, click the link it shows on the Google document inside netkiller_Docs and submit the timestamp. From here on, the user will be able to review, edit, and approve or reject the document without any need for login or software installation.
Finally, when the document is approved, the sender receives a notification email that shows that the document has been approved by the recipient.

How to Change the Ownership of the Document

When you submit a document, the ownership of the document will be transferred to your document administrator account. You can then assign your document admin account from the configuration menu. Here you have to remember that the workflow member will only have the permission to view or edit the document and everything will be logged.
To learn more about netkiller_Docs, please visit Netkiller website at or netkiller_Docs listing on Google Apps Marketplace!