Power Up: 17 Must-Have Features for the Inventory Management App on Google Sheets

In the business world, inventory is money.  Keeping track of your inventory, however, actually costs money.  It takes time, energy and money to manage it. It’s like a catch-22.  But, it doesn’t have to be.  Now you can efficiently and effectively take your inventory management to the next level, a much more profitable level.
No matter what it is you’re managing – parts, products, equipment, or any other form of assets, you can keep track of them easily and cheaply with the innovative features now available in the Google Sheets Inventory Management App.  If you like using Google Spreadsheet, you’re going to love the leverage you’ll get with this powerful tool.  
Check out some of the most important functions you’ll be able to control in your master datbase with the app:
1. Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanners can be a nightmare to set up and if they don’t work correctly, you’ve got a real mess on your hands.  This tool on the Google Sheets Management App is superb.  It has to offer an awesome recognition rate and good speed too.
2. Supportable Barcode Formats
There’s nothing more frustrating that working all day on formatting a barcode only to find out the format isn’t supported.  In the Google Sheets Management App, you’ll find dozens of supported formats like UPC, EAN, Code 128, Code 39, and ITF-14.  Finding a scanner that supports the barcodes is priceless for your asset management.
3. Devices that Support your Formats
Once you’ve chosen your barcode type and standards, you’ll need to be able to scan it on a device.  With this flexible app, you should be able to scan with your tablet, laser barcode scanner, and your mobile phone as well.  Scanning flows like a breeze with this app.    
4. Build Your App with Ease
You’ll be able to create a propelling form that includes all the features you desire like a dropdown menu, timestamp, status, short answer, location, date, quantity, and even an image upload.  Check it out the app building features.
5. Manage Multiple Projects on the App Builder
Multiple projects can be complicated and time consuming.  You often need multiple apps for multiple projects but not with this multitasking app.  You’ll be able to keep track of your employee’s attendance and their vacation time.  Or, check your student’s attendances and manage their academic progression or their laptop rentals.  You’ll not only save time and frustration with this feature, you’ll be less likely to make costly mistakes too.
6. Support on Multiple Devices
What you create on a program is much more useful and efficient when it can be used on multiple devices.  That means the program needs to have the potential to be stored in one central location but be scalable to most any device.  For example, a member of your sales team can access the information out in the field on his mobile phone but complete his report back in the office on his desktop or at home on his laptop.  Imagine the convenience!
7. Real-time Syncing
Keeping up with your inventory data in real time is imperative.  It does no good for the figures to be updated once a day because you need to know the status of your assets at any given time.  How can you know if you have the inventory to support the gigantic order a customer is inquiring about placing if your inventory data is not accurate in real time?  You can’t.  The app should offer immediate and accurate syncing which is vital to your business, no matter what your business is.
8. History Logs
Keeping an accessible record of activities is a must.  With this app, you are able to view inventory management scanning procedures at a glance which promotes transparency and helps to avoid discrepancies or missing information or assets.  
9. Stock In and Out Management
Keeping track of what inventory comes in and what goes out is imperative when managing your stock.  The Google Sheets Management App allows you to do both in one single app which is an indispensable feature.
10. GPS and Maps Location Tracking
It’s important not only to know what assets you have or don’t have, but where they are at all times.  Your inventory may show you have a certain amount of products, but if they are out being delivered to a customer, that is vital to know.  This app tracks your inventory so you know the precise location of it at all times.
11. Photo Records
Having a photo of an item can be a lifesaver in many instances.  Maybe you need to show a part to a customer or even to an employee for a certain reason.  Whatever the case may be that a photo is needed, this multi-faceted app allows you to take a photo and upload the image from any mobile device or computer.
12. Capture Multiple Barcodes
It is common to have items or parts that have multiple barcodes.  You will need to have second barcodes for these items in order to process them.  This is yet another innovative feature the app offers.
13. Easily Manage Accessible Users
The more people who are involved in your inventory, the more difficult it is to keep track of it all.  If something comes up missing, it can easily give way to finger-pointing or other issues.  Since it often takes a number of tasks being done by a number of people in order to do what needs to be done with your inventories, you’ll want to be able to manage who is doing what with it…and when.  This app is capable of user management which is a huge bonus.
14. Connection to Formulas and Charts
Charts and formulas are vital to your business.  They explain things in a way that is unique and are custom made to provide those within the company (or even your customers) with important information and even strategies.  This app helps users easily and conveniently create formulas and charts from Google Sheets.
15. Email Notifications Scripting
Emails are an efficient form of communication most businesses rely on.  They are of no use, however, if the parties involved don’t receive them.  Neglecting to check emails or the possibility the email goes into spam is a real problem.  This innovative app lets you program in notifications on events so you know those involved actually get the information.
16. Security
You need the peace of mind that your system is secure and doesn’t store data that can be breached or fall into the wrong hands.  The app should allow you the leverage of protecting the information you elect to keep on it and also gives you the option of deleting it securely or liberating it if you discontinue with the service.
17. Support
If you have an issue with your app, you need support immediately, not the next day or the next week. The support team at Google Sheets Management App doesn’t leave you waiting because they are sensitive to the fact that time is money.  Neither do they lamely send you to a forum or other detour.  You’ll get your problem resolved on the same business day through your preferred channel of remote access, email, or by phone.  This is a feature that isn’t truly appreciated unless the need arises and if and when it does, it suddenly becomes the most important one of all.  In addition to helping you solve the problem at hand, it is a statement of respect and a show of how the company values you as their customer.
All of the 17 features above are imperative to keeping your company on the fast-forward track it should be on to thrive in the competitive business world we live in.  Don’t get left behind.  Netkiller Barcode Scanner (NBS) will help take you to the top and keep you there because you’ll be able to manage your inventory using all the features mentioned.  Get the inventory management optimization – get the powerful Inventory app today.
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