G Suite Security Risk and Countermeasure Settings that Every Admin Should Know

– G Suite Security Settings for Admin –
G Suite provides state-of-the-art collaboration technology to over 70 million users with more than 3 million G Suite patrons.  But, how safe can any online presence be?
By 2021, it is predicted that cybercrime will rack up a total cost of over 6 trillion per year to users, with small businesses taking the biggest hit.  As cyber criminals continue to find new (and effective) ways to jeopardize users worldwide, G Suite is revolutionizing their security tactics.  In order to take advantage of the innovative security measures G Suite is implementing, however, there are some things that every admin should be aware of.
Security Risks

As with any collaboration network, there are a number of ways cybercriminals can attack.  Here are a few of the top security concerns with G Suite:

  • Access Control by Unauthorized Users – Because access has been made more convenient, there is the possibility that information can fall into the wrong hands, potentially causing serious vulnerabilities where data breach is concerned.  Credentials can be stolen, passwords can be discovered, and a wold of other woes are possible when unauthorized users are able to get into your files.
  • Ransomware – The use of this form of cyberattack is trending.  Even large businesses, hospitals, and schools, are not immune.  Ransomware locks users out of their own information until a ransom is surrendered to get it back.  Even if it is paid, there is never a guarantee the information will really be returned.
  • Third Party Apps – Third Party Apps are those that are used along with Google based apps but aren’t developed by them.  While these apps add attractive and convenient features, they bring an added layer of vulnerability to the table.
Activating Available G Suite Security Policies

G Suite provides a plethora of tools for such tasks as the creation of spreadsheet, working with word processing, collaborating between individuals and other businesses, and communication.  Data is conveniently saved to the cloud, eliminating the possibility of losing important work or not being able to locate previous work.  With the advances comes a certain amount of risk, however.  
G Suite securities policies are in place but it is imperative to set and implement them in order to be protected.
Activating the security features available to you through G Suite will definitely enhance the safety of your information, but it won’t completely solve the problem.  If you really want to lower your risks and heighten your cybersecurity, there are add-ons available like Collavate DLP and Killer ID.  
G Suite Security Add-ons

Collavate DLP add-on is available to boost an extra layer of security in order to prevent Google Drive data leaks.  This program protects against the threat of sensitive user information leaving the company through such measures as the monitoring of keywords (like social security numbers and other sensitive information) and detection of unusual and suspicious activities among users.  Charts and statistics are made available so employee usage patterns are revealed.  Collavate DLP enacts maximum security for all Google Drive files and monitors any activity that takes place within G Suite.  The security add-on is compatible with any G Suite plan.  
Killer ID allows users to enjoy the convenience of a single sign on while reaping the myriad of cybersecurity benefits this add-on entails.  This security program runs 100% on the Google Cloud Platform and passes the stringent security scan of Google.  Killer ID provides the luxury of a customized single sign-on login for all domains of G-Suite and enables all the conveniences of account management automation and access of HR system integration but also protects G Suite users with email auditing and prevention of data leaks.
Convenience and Assurance

As the world of online driven business advances, G Suite continues to make huge strides to make collaboration more convenient.  Finally, by activating the security measures G Suite already has in place and by adding on such programs as 
Collavate DLP and Killer ID, users can take advantage of all G Suite has to offer and rest assure they have the utmost in cutting-edge security while doing so.