Google Jacking Up G Suite Prices Discover Details About Changes and Ways to Save on G Suite Despite the Increase

For the first time in its history, Google is raising its prices on G Suite.  Google Basic and Business customers will experience a whopping 20% increase as of April 2.  The decision comes right after Thomas Kurian stepped into the Google Cloud driver’s seat after 22 years as the Oracle executive.
Who the Changes will Effect and What They Entail
The price increase will apply to the G Suite Basic and Business plans but will not affect the Google Enterprise Edition.  Free programs will remain intact for those who use non-business features.
The new fee will apply on April 2 and thereafter.  Those who have monthly plans will experience the increase upon renewal from April 2 forward.  Plan paid annually will reflect the change upon renewal as well.  
Customers with a G Suite Basic plan will see their monthly fee jump from $5 to $6 while those with yearly plans will go from $50 to $72 annually.  G Suite Business users who normally pay $10 per month will now pay $12 and the annual plan will be bumped from $120 to $144 annually.
Why are the Rates Going Up?
Google introduced Business version of Gmail (formerly named as Google Apps) over a decade ago to help customers keep their emails secure.  It was their first cloud-native application and it was an instant hit.  They have been adding on ever since with a myriad of innovative personal and business solutions.  
From Google Calendars to Google Drive and Google Docs, the company just kept the features coming, making going business online a cinch.  Security is another area Google has excelled in.  They even delved into the social scene when they introduced Google Hangouts.
More than 4 million organizations now depend on Google for their collaboration needs.  G Suite was the pioneer in such endeavors and is a name that is trusted for its convenience and security measures.  
Through Google, searches have been simplified.  Where security is concerned, they are able to prevent phishing attacks prior to them ever actually happening and they have infused their products with the most advanced state-of-the-art security in existence as well.  
Although their competitor, Microsoft, has implemented a number of price increases over the years, Google never has.  Now, they obviously believe it is time.
Ways to Save
While a 20% increase may not seem like much, it can add up.  Regardless of the increase, however, there are still ways to save on G Suite and lessen the impact of the rate hike.  For instance, one wise move can be achieved by converting to an annually priced plan prior to April 2 which would save a minimum of $12 per year.
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