Netkiller Workflow Bringing Organization to a New Level

Netkiller Document Workflow is a powerful new application under development by Netkiller leveraging cloud computing to streamline the processes of documents changing hands, and being reviewed and modified.  The application has already been met with great success in Netkiller’s home country of Korea, and will be available for global customers soon.  The Netkiller team has created a Google Docs based system whereby generating documents, submitting them for review, reviewing them, and sending them on to the next step in the process is all built into an automated application that helps to sort, prioritize, and otherwise manage documents in a business setting.

The application sorts documents in an easily useable and searchable fashion.  In addition, the interface for each user provides important information about each document at a glance, such as what kind of document it is (a service request, an invoice, a proposal, etc.); who sent it; who has viewed it and/or approved it; when it was submitted, reviewed, and/or approved; and what action the current viewer of the document must take.

Many business processes require particular document formats.  With Netkiller Document Workflow, formats can be created as templates, so they can be saved and used over and over.  This saves valuable time, and provides an easy consistency for similar tasks, promoting productivity and efficiency.

As a document is passed along from person to person in a workflow, ownership of the document also transfers, allowing each approver to take the necessary actions without having to negotiate human curated permissions settings.  These settings can be controlled outside of individual workflows in order to reduce errors that can occur in repetitive workflow processes where the document permissions must be manually modified for each veiwer and approver of a document as it works its way through a workflow process.

Documents have already been largely digitized in many industries, and this has its advantages, but the risk of error is still high in some areas.  With the Document Workflow application, documents have a history and a trajectory that makes it easy to take account of the document–reducing error, and drastically speeding up bureaucratic business processes.

The goal of the application is to save valuable time for workers by doing the managing that those workers would otherwise have to do themselves.  This not only gets the documents moving faster, garnering faster results, but also frees up workers’ time, allowing them to spend it on more meaningful projects than managing a the progress of a document.

Keep an eye on the Netkiller blog for a release announcement for Netkiller Workflow in the coming months.  To learn more about Netkiller Workflow and other custom Netkiller applications go to the Netkiller workflow webpage, or contact Netkiller.

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