Netkiller Releases Document Archiving Solution

Netkiller recently released an exciting new feature for it’s Collavate product that allows Collavate users to archive and secure documents. This feature enables users to archive document revision histories, and exercise even more control over their documents.

Users can keep track of document revision histories in real time with Collavate. Revision history can be logged for an unlimited time and document access and sharing status changes are logged in real time. The significance of this upgrade is reflected in real time processing. Netkiller has been known for providing the best of speed and simplicity across its solutions.
<Documents activity history such as open, edit and permissions recorded in real time>

<Document revision histories saved as a PDF file for permanent archiving>

Time stamps are another useful addition introduced in Netkiller’s latest upgrade. The feature enables users to see document activities and events via timestamps. These time-stamped documents create an easily discernable document trail, enabling users to easily view a document’s activity changes there and then. This, combined with the unlimited retention period for unlimited number of revision histories, makes Netkiller’s new feature essential for better control of an organization’s document and information assets.

Coming from a company committed to furnishing business users with needed features and functionalities not provided by Google Apps, Netkiller’s new release is a fitting upgrade that proves again that we do indeed “Fill the GApps.” The archiving functionalities of this upgrade discussed above are not provided by Google Docs. For instance, users can only see up to 30 days of document revision histories, after which the history data is purged.

In the wake of this upgrade, the new and improved Collavate by Netkiller can be utilized in a much better way by both corporate users and individual professionals. For instance, companies that need to archive all of their users’ documents activities and revision histories for a certain amount of time in one place for document security and compliance purposes can do it quite easily by using this tool.

Justin Jung, founder and CEO of Netkiller remarked “According to Forbes, the biggest challenges on adopting cloud documents is that it relies on end users to set the appropriate permissions and security settings for documents. One goal that Collavate has always tried to accomplish, with considerable success, is to become the leading archive solution provider for Google Docs, providing better control and protection for cloud documents.”

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