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Buy Google Apps with Bitcoin!
Now you can buy Google Apps with Bitcoin!
Netkiller accepts Bitcoin for Google Apps buyers!

Netkiller, Google cloud solution provider and Google Apps partner, now accepts bitcoin from Google Apps clients.

Google Apps is an email and online collaborative service provided by Google and the price is $50 per user per year.

Purchasing Google Apps with bitcoin is a simple process; upon getting an invoice to make a purchase, the client can find the Netkiller bitcoin address as well as a payment link.

Client can send the Bitcoin currency (BTC) or click the payment link provided below to check out. Upon entering the US dollar equivalent, it will check out after automatically converting US dollars to bitcoin at the then current rates.

To learn more about Google Apps or buy with Bitcoin, please click the payment link below or contact us at:

Buy Google Apps for Business ($50/user/year): Enter the total amount. For example, if you need to buy 5 Google Apps accounts, please enter 250 and it will be calculated as a BTC upon check out.

Phone: (408) 641-0114

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