Add tags on Google Drive files and documents

Now, you can manage, search, and classify your documents in Collavate by adding personal or domain shared TAGs to the documents!

You can select more than one files to add same tag

You can select and list tags through extend filter menu.
When you click a file, you can instantly add tags in pop-up menu,

Through the function that is released today, you can add maximum of 5 personal/domain shared tags to the documents and files that are saved in your google drive.

By adding tags to selected documents and files you can easily list and search through the documents. For example, you can create tags such as draft, processing, and processed and classify your documents according to their states in workflow. At the same time if you wish to classify your documents for personal purpose and work purpose, you can create tags such as personal and work to segregate the documents.

Through the extend filter menu at the left side of Home menu in Collavate, you can easily list and effectively search the documents with tags.

Especially, the tags that you have created in Collavate are also searchable in Gmail and Google Drive (web, mobile, etc.) like the screenshot below.

In your Google Drive search box, you can type name of your tag or to make it even more precise, attach “ctag:” in front of the name to search.

For example, if you wish to list documents that has “work” tag, you can simply search “work” in your Google Drive. However, this method will list not only documents with “work” tag, but also all of the other documents that have either word “work” in the title or body of the documents.If you wish to search more precisely, you can add “ctag:” in front of the name of the tag and you will get list of documents that has “work” tag added.

To add tags to documents, you must have privilege of at least “can edit” and because all of the tags are saved to Google Drive files, other users (above privilege of “can read”) can both search and classify.

Domain Shared Tags

If you are an admin user, in administrative settings, you can directly add domain shared tags or you can select tags from user’s personal library and move the tag to domain shared tags.

An administrative user of Collavate can create and manage domain shared tag for any users within the domain. If different users create tags individually, there might be duplicated tags, so administrative user can make a tag and share it with all of the users within domain.

For example, if you need to classify documents according to departments, you can create shared tags such as sales, admin, development, etc and users can create other personal tags if they wish to.

Also, if the file is related to sales department, you can add sales tag to the document and person who actually uses the document can add other tags such as “processing” and “project” on top of sales tag.

Domain shared tags are yellow color and personal tags are gray color. Tags made in Collavate are also saved in the description of the documents in Google Drive and you can search through your documents using tags following explanation above.

Gmail users can use every functions of TAGs except the domain shared TAGs function,since they are not Google Apps users.

If you would like to know steps of using TAGs, please read our user guide or contact us through our website ( now!