Collavate is listed on Chrome Web Store!

CollavateTM, cloud document workflow, security and archiving application for google docs is officially registered in Google Chrome store.

Now you can simply add Collavate through Chrome store in Chrome browser just by one click if you are using Google Apps or Gmail.

It is very simple to add(install) Collavate from Chrome web store.

1. After logging into your Google account, visit chrome webstore ( and search Collavate.  Alternatively, directly visit Collavate web app by clicking the link below.

2. For your reference, when you search “Collavate” in search box in Chrome web store, you will be directed to Collavate listing result just as the screenshot above.

3. You will see a shortcut to Collavate in your Chrome browser when you add Collavate by clicking “Free” button.

4. Click into the “Apps” on your bookmark bar in Chrome Browser, then you will CV, the Collavate icon, and you can access to Collavate by just clicking the icon. Even if you did not add the Chrome web app, you can still access to Collavate through the Collavate website,, or by clicking more on your Google Apps, just like before.

Please enjoy your experiences with Collavate!