Netkiller Barcode Scanner Update, New ‘History Log’ function and limited ‘Scope’ of permissions

The Netkiller Barcode Scanner has been updated with two major improvements! Now users can access a History Log feature in the Netkiller Barcode Scanner Google Spreadsheet and operate at ease with minimal access permission requirements from the app.

1. Scan History tab feature in Google Sheets

Now when a user scans a barcode via mobile device, each scan is individually recorded in the Google Sheets “History” tab, while the Google Sheet “Barcode Scanner” tab displays the most current/latest information of each item.

The History tab logs all initial and repeating scans of a barcode individually on the spreadsheet and displays submitted information from mobile devices. The History tab will show initial scan of items and rescanning of the items with updated information.

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Press [Submit Changes] on mobile screen after inputting information. The information will instantly be recorded onto the Netkiller Barcode Scanner Google Sheets.

Now in your Google Sheets located in your Google Drive, you will be able to find the “History” tab that displays all initial scans and repeated scans with updated information.

A record of all scanned items is stored in the History tab. Under the “Action” column, new barcode numbers to the system are inputted as “Insert” on the initial scan. Once a barcode is rescanned, the system will detect it as an existing item and it will be inputted as an “Update” action.

Just as before, the “Barcode Scanner” tab displays an item’s current/latest status.

2. Google Account ‘Scope’ adjusted to ensure User Privacy

To address users’ concern regarding their Google account privacy and security, we have updated Netkiller’s Barcode Scanner initial access permission with very limited scope accessibility.

When launching the Netkiller Barcode Scanner, it will now only ask for access permission to your email address, basic access your Google Sheet and Google Drive. These functions are required to permit information transfer and properly record mobile submissions onto your Google Sheet. Netkiller Barcode Scanner never store your data into the server. Your data is safely saved in your Google Sheet.

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Simply logon to the Netkiller Barcode Scanner app, capture a barcode and check your individual scans under the “History” tab in your Google Spreadsheet. This update will allow users to manage assets and have a reliable record conveniently stored in their Google Drive!

We are proud to release this new update and are further working to enhance our apps for Netkiller users!

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