Event Tickets Management System for Smartphone and Google Sheets

The Netkiller Barcode Scanner has several versatile uses. The most widely use-purposes for the NBS are: keeping attendance records, membership rewards program, asset and inventory management, and event tickets management.

The Netkiller Barcode Scanner app can be used as an efficient ticket scanning system for any size event. Whether it is for nonprofit events, theater performances, art shows, music venues, etc. the barcode scanner app will conveniently scan the event ticket and each entry ticket is processed and recorded onto the event manager’s Google Spreadsheet stored in their Google Drive.  

Event Tickets Management System Use Case

The events coordinator is hosting an event on Friday night. Those that signed up for Friday’s session and pre-paid online are instructed to print their e-ticket on Friday when they arrive, or to present their e-ticket via mobile for scanning. A week prior to the event, the event coordinator sets up the Netkiller Barcode Scanner app in advance to be prepared for the upcoming event session.

To setup the Netkiller Barcode Scanning App:

  1. The events coordinator goes to the following link: http://bc-scanner.appspot.com login with his gmail account and permit access permissions to begin

  1. The coordinator can begin to create a form by clicking “Create New Spreadsheet from Dynamic Form”.

  1. The events coordinator creates a form consisting of the following fields:
    • Barcode Ticket Scan Number (automatically filled in by scanner)
    • Timestamp (automatically filled in by scanner)
    • Ticket type:
      1. General Admission
      2. Child
      3. Senior
    • Re-entry checkbox
Preview of the form the events coordinator created

  1. Attendees present their ticket barcode at the time of the event at check-in and have their ticket barcodes scan upon entry.
The check-in ticketer scans the barcode with a mobile device and submits the form

  1. Each initial check-in scan is recorded as an “Insert” action in the History tab of the Google Spreadsheet. Each ticket that is rescanned and checked as a Re-entry is recorded as an “Update” action.

The Barcode Scanner tab of the Google Spreadsheet displays each scanned barcode number with the most current scan information for easy viewing.

Barcode numbers that appear as “Selected” under the Re-entry column show attendees that have re-entered the event after their first check-in scan.

The Netkiller Barcode Scanner app is great for managing event tickets. All ticket scan submissions are instantly recorded into your Google Spreadsheet for accurate admission records. Utilize the app to your benefit for your next event!

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