Netkiller Barcode Scanner Edit Form Update

Thanks to valuable feedback from our Netkiller Barcode Scanner app users, Netkiller is proud to announce that we have released a feature to edit your form! Before, once a form design was officially saved, the form properties and corresponding Google Spreadsheet could not be altered. Now to better our product for usability and flexibility, forms can be changed after they are saved. Another major update is that we have enhanced the application for faster scanning.

A Quick Look

Your current existing form can be edited on both desktop and via mobile devices. Make edits to your such as add more fields, rename existing fields, or delete fields. Your Google Spreadsheet will be changed accordingly to reflect your updated form.

– Desktop Screen –

– Mobile Screen –

Faster Scanning with less steps

Now for faster scanning, we have removed a repetitive step to allow users to quickly scan and submit any changes. Now after scanning a barcode and submitting information, the barcode scan screen will immediately reappear again. Users no longer have to repeat clicking the scan button on the main app screen to bring up the scanner again.

Guide Instructions

For more instructions, visit our NBS User Guide. We are also happy to assist you with any needs regarding the Netkiller Barcode Scanner. Send us an email at for futher inquires and help. We are confident that our new edit form and faster scanner update will be highly beneficial for our users. We also thank our users for the positive and valuable feedback we have received!