How Google purges data from Google Drive

Overtime, G suite has grown to become a leading tools for work in the corporate world making it a top choice for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. 

Safe data destruction is crucial for respectable business practices and to ensure security of proprietary assets. 

Knowing where your files containing valuable information go when you choose to “permanently delete files” is important to for your organization’s information security. 

This white paper prevails a closer look into the types of data destruction processes for Google Drive. The topics look into: 

  • Processes involved in deleting a file – Information on the series of steps your files undergo when deleting files in your Google Drive. Know what happens to your files after you have permanently deleted them. 
  • Various ways of file deleting – Know the appropriate usage of each deleting method and time how to take advantage of the grace period after deleting an item. 
  • An Overview of Google and Non-Google File Revision Histories – Understand capabilities Revision Histories for Google files and Non-Google Drive files. 

A complete understanding of the process steps involved for your data deletion in Google Drive can be valuable for any organization. 

Click here to find out important and notable points regarding Google’s file recovery period and when exactly your files are “permanently deleted”. Read this whitepaper for a better understanding on where your files go.