How to Use Inbox by Gmail for Google Apps Users

Inbox for Work (aka Inbox by Gmail at Work) has finally arrived! Now any Google Apps users can use the Inbox by Gmail without any invitation. However, since the Inbox by Gmail is on an early adopter program, your Google Apps Domain  may still need an invitation from Google.

Enable Inbox for Work

Your super admin can enable Gmail Inbox for your Google Apps domain users. On your Google Apps Admin Console, go to [Apps > Google Apps > Gmail > Advanced settings]. And choose the parent organization under General Settings, and scroll down the page to [End User Settings > Inbox by Gmail].

You have to agree to the terms of Inbox by Gmail by clicking on the “I understand the following” button and checking  “Enable Inbox”, and clicking “Save Changes”.

* Note: If you cannot find this feature within your Google Apps Console, you need to send an email to to request Inbox for Work and Google will send an email with a survey link. Once the survey is complete, google will send a welcome Email within 48 hours and you can go to the Google Admin Console to enable this feature

Getting Started

Within an hour, your Inbox for your Google Apps will be activated and your users can use the Inbox for Work. Your users need to install the the mobile app for from Google Play or iTunes and login with their google account to use this on their mobile devices. After that your users can visit in a web browser.

You will find that your Gmail user interface is changed to that of Google Inbox.


To get the most out of Inbox for your Google Apps, here are 5 essential features of Inbox.

1) Bundle It
“Bundle” feature in Google Inbox functions as “Label” in Gmail, which allows you to categorize messages. Inbox already offers system labels of Purchases, Finance, Social, Updates, Forums and Promos so related email can be sorted within those categories. You can also customize “Bundle” by adding them from unbundled items.

2) Add a Reminder

If you you have a list of to do or things to follow up, reminder function is what you just need.

Click the red create button in the bottom right and then click the blue Reminder icon.

Then you can choose Google Talk/Hangout, Email, or Meet or just enter what you need to remember.

Once you created a reminder, it will always stay at the top of the page.

3) Undo Send

Yes, the feature that so many people asked for. You can undo a sent Email in Inbox. Click the red create button, the pencil icon, and compose and send. A notice will pop up in the bottom left corner. You can click the undo button, but this pop-up will disappear within 10 seconds. Even if you have set the Undo settings in Gmail to the maximum 30 seconds, you still have to do it  more quickly than in Gmail.

4) Snooze

Snooze is useful if you want an email or a reminder to show at the top of your inbox when you want it. You can forget them until a specific time, day or until you arrive at a certain place. Once snooze is over, you will get a notification on your mobile and it will also show at the top of the page.

5) Signature

Unfortunately, Inbox and Gmail has a different signature function. It does not import your Gmail signature. In order to add a signature for your Inbox, go to the sidebar, [Settings > Signature] and enable it. Once it’s enabled, you can enter the text but you cannot embed images as it only supports single line as of now.

Toggle between Inbox & Gmail

If you want to go back to your original gmail skin, simply enter You can always go to the Inbox at

As Inbox is just released as an early adopter program, more features will be released in the future. To learn more about Inbox for Work, Check out the Help Center.
Thank You.

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