Netkiller Raises Awareness as an Authorized Google for Education Partner.

We are proud to announce that Netkiller is listed as an authorized Google for Education Partner. Netkiller has helped hundreads of schools and organizations to implement Google Apps and email archiving.

As a Google for Education Partner, Netkiller provides a multi-faceted service to schools and other organizations. These services include hardware (Chromebooks, and Chromebox for Meetings), software and applications, implementation support, and/or educator professional development. Also, as Premier Partner of Google Apps, we can assist customers to take advantage of Google Classroom and Vault.

When you have any kind of Google for Education needs, just search Netkiller on Google for Education or click here and you can find a certified Google Apps for Education trainer. We are happy to help you find the best solutions for your school.


[Netkiller on Google for Education]

To see more detail, please check out Netkiller’s Profile where you can simply select your needs.

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