7 Reasons why Google Apps for Work users have to implement Security Keys

Protect your Google Apps accounts with Security Keys

Google Apps provides
2-Step Verification to prevent important information from being stolen . After a Google Apps Admin turns on the 2-Step Verification feature for the domain, users can install Google Authenticator App (or Google OTP App) to their Android or iOS devices. With an One Time Password (OTP), they can securely login to Google Apps accounts.

Furthermore, Google provides Security Key that users can use as a primary method for Two Factor Authentication. Security Key protects Google Apps for Work users from phishing attacks.

Netkiller’s FIDO U2F Security Key for Google Apps users, is integrated into Google Apps, adding strong FIDO protocol Universal 2-Factor (FIDO U2F) Authentication security seamlessly with a click of a button.
There are many reason why the Netkiller FIDO U2F Security Keys are better than Google Authenticator, especially for enterprise companies.

1. It’s More Secure.  Netkiller FIDO U2F Security Key is based on PKI with the private key on the secure module of the security key.  This means that it can block attacks that Google Authenticator (OTP) cannot.  For example, in the case of a phishing attack, the fake site can ask for the username and password. If the OTP is requested by a hacker, a passcode goes to the phishing site, and the hacker has it to access the account.  From there they can meddle with your account however they want.  With the Netkiller U2F key, phishing site cannot access your account since you need a physical key to authenticate.  

2. One key works on multiple sites.  This means it can work with Google Apps, soon with Windows 10, and in the future more services will offer support.  Therefore, you can use  one key for all sites.  

3. It’s convenient.  A few examples:
  • The user only has to use it every 30 days on the same IP address and it’s protected.  In  case when yourusername/password are stolen, then the new IP would request the token and the access would be prevented.  So you get high level security and an easy user experience.  This also can be set to require the token for each login, making it very secure; it’s a flexible system.  
  • You only have to insert the token and press the button.  I have had customers complaining about OTP because they have to enter the OTP key, you can make mistakes, and it’s an extra step to enter the info.  Overall, the key is easier.  

4. It’s more secure as mobile devices pose more threats with viruses.  As mobile viruses advance they can intercept passwords, OTPs, and information on mobile devices.  This puts enterprise at danger since most of the Google Authenticator apps are stored on personal mobile devices, and the awareness of of potential viruses could be limited.  The Netkiller U2F security key prevents any attack of this nature.  

5.  As seen in the video, it provides a high level of admin management for enterprise.

6. It offers a high level of security that traditionally would be a PKI token at a fraction of the traditional pricing with strong support from Google.  

7.  Overall what you get is the high security level of PKI but very easy to use.  Traditional PKI can be complicated for end users with certificate generation and middleware.  Netkiller U2F tokens make it easy.  

For more information about security for your company and how to protect your company to work smarter, faster and safer, contact Netkiller, the premier Google Apps for Work partner and Google for Education partner.

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