Amazon Glacier vs Google Nearline: Which top Cloud Storage is right for you?

In today’s era of digital information, businesses deal with overwhelming, massive amounts of data, making data backup essential. There are options to backup on a tape drive, an external hardware or backup servers, however this has drawbacks such as loss/theft, damage, and unwanted takeup of physical storage space.

For those that prefer skipping the physical limitations and drawbacks, cloud cold storage backup services are the new trend and two top cloud backup solutions are rising above others: Amazon Glacier and Google Nearline.

Amazon Glacier

Glacier is a leading cold storage solution that provides data archiving and backup with affordable pricing as low as $0.007 and up to only $0.01 (per gigabyte). Glacier will download your backed-up data faster than Google Nearline. Amazon provides a cost simulator based on data size. 

Google Nearline

Google released Nearline in 2015, and boasts retrieval response time within seconds. In comparison, Glacier backs up the data off-line, therefore taking hours to respond to retrieval requests. Nearline stores the data on the server, allowing quicker responses, but actual downloading of data may take more time than Amazon’s Glacier. Google also provides a similar cost simulator.

Google further makes differentiators with machine learning based AI tools that clients can implement to analyze backed up data.

Glacier vs. Nearline: Specifications

Amazon Glacier
Google Nearline
Retrieval limit
Retrieval response time
3- 5 hours
3 seconds
Cost of storage
$0.007 ~ 0.01/GB
Retrieval cost

To help you choose the right service for your organization, we have compared the two cold cloud data storage solutions based on 1000 TB large back-ups. The following are the top 10 major points, including important factors like speed and cost.

  • Base storage: 1000 TB (1PB)
  • Monthly storage addition (Data transfer In): 40 TB
  • Monthly retrieval (Data Transfer Out): 40 TB
  • Early monthly data overwritten or deleted: 30 TB
  • Monthly transfer out cost (basic regions)
  • Retrieval speed
  • Monthly base storage cost
  • Monthly additional 40TB cost
  • Monthly overwritten/deletion cost

For our detailed, free report please click here.  As a proud partner of both Amazon and Google, we, at Nekiller, caters to provide you a backup solution best suited for your needs.

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