Killer ID update – Login page customization with Theme and Custom domain addresses

Netkiller’s ‘Killer ID’, a Google Apps integrated Single Sign On (SSO) service, has been upgraded with new features such as SSL encryptions with custom domain addresses, page design theme customization, and password expiration policy.

Simpler login address supported by SSL encryption

With Killer ID, you can login to Google services with a customized login page specialized for your domain. For instance, users from can use KillerID SSO-integrated login to login from, all while being secured with SSL transmission encryption.

Previously, KillerID had longer weblink addresses such as

Now, KillerID offers more simplified login weblink specialized for your domain.

With the upgrade and new domain address, where you are logging in is simple, straightforward, and safe from phishing attempts. For this customizable Single Sign On service, please contact Netkiller Support!

Login page theme customization

Previous versions of KillerID had limited customizable options such as inserting a company logo.

With the newly released theme customization feature for the login page, you can choose from design codes and themes with multiple colors, allowing you to tailor your KillerID login page to your corporate identity.

Webpage colors and greeting messages are also customizable by administrators.

Moreover, different domains can login from same login page, in case of subsidiaries or affiliates.

Password expiration policy

Password expiration policy can be implemented to notify/enforce password change every interval (for instances, 30 days).

  1. Access Company tab from Killer ID admin console
  2. Scroll down to Password Rule Setting section
  3. Enter password expiration interval in Enter The Days
  4. Enable Password Change Rule Setting.

With this update, we were also able to stabilize KillerID’s Two-Factor Authentication and FIDO security.

For more information, please refer to: User Guide

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