5 Things You Can Do With Google Jamboard (and more)

Jamboard is Google’s newly introduced whiteboard-like product, except it is better than a whiteboard. Much better. Jamboard is a 55 inches, 44k display with built-in camera and microphone that will allow you to collaborate and share your ideas in a way that is unimaginable from before.  

Here are five major functions that you can utilize Jamboard for your organization.

1. Jamboard allows easy communication, and thus, makes team collaborations much more accessible. Your teammate can be in France and will be able to access the notes on the Jamboard with real-time synchronization.


2. There are boundless possibilities that come with Jamboard. It is super easy to write on the board because of its hyper responsive touch function. However, beyond just writing, you can also create various charts, such as a scheduling timeline.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 3.04.13 PM.png

3. Jamboard is also designed in a way that makes it feel natural when you write on the board, and thus, you can draw with precision. However, Jamboard will also automatically perfect your drawings. For example, you draw a circle, but it is not round. No worries there because Jamboard will automatically make it perfectly circular.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 3.06.29 PM.png

4. What makes Jamboard so unique is that it is connected with Google. That means you can pull anything from your Google Drive, Sheets, Doc, Presentation for easy collaboration.


5. And because Jamboard is backed by Google, you no longer have to be afraid of your work being erased if it were on a regular whiteboard. Google will automatically save all changes in Google Drive. Therefore, you can pick up your work right from where it ended.


Example/User Case

Because designers value their creativity and ideas, imagine their frustration when they see that their work has been erased from the white board. Or imagine a designer who had an “aha!” moment and wants to use the whiteboard to show his work to the team only to find no eraser or working marker.

However, with Google’s Jamboard, designers will be able to show their ideas to the team anywhere, anytime! Because of Jamboard’s functions as mentioned above, there is no need to worry about work being erased as it is saved in the Drive or non-working pen and eraser as there is a specially designed stylus. Furthermore, team members can access the board through their smartphones and laptops, increasing the flexibility of meeting times. These advantages will resolve the frustration that a whiteboard would have caused.

In addition to these functions, there are also many other benefits such as how Jamboard does not need to be charged. Along with these functions, Jamboard is an enhanced space that allows for unlimited creativity. So what is your team waiting for?