10 Reasons Why the Business should use Hangouts Meet for Video Conferencing

Tired of having laggy, slow, unclear video meetings? Check out the Hangouts Meet kit that is made for fast, effective video meetings for conference rooms with seamless G Suite integration. The advantages of Hangouts Meet, thus, breaks down to convenience, accessibility, and quality. Under these three big categories lay the ten reasons for why businesses should use Hangouts Meet for video conferencing.

1. Video Conferencing for Everyone–Easy Accessibility and Convenience
Google’s Hangouts Meet video conferencing is not only affordable but also compatible with any meeting room. This means that the kit’s components integrate together to make engaging HD meetings that are more accessible.

2. In every room–Easy Accessibility and Quality
The toolkit contains a 4K camera that features a 120 degrees field of vision, which is perfect for any size conference room. In addition, the speaker mic hears and delivers crystal-clear audio in rooms up to 250 square feet so everyone can hear the meeting’s content nice and clear.

3. On every call–Easy Accessibility and Quality
The upcoming dial a phone feature and interoperability solution will allow you to call anyone, whether to a co-worker in another room, a customer on the phone or a partner on another platform.

4. With one tap- Easy Accessibility and Convenience
The toolkit is designed so that joining a meeting is as simple as one tap on the touchscreen. All you have to do is register the room with Google Calendar, and all details relevant to your organization’s Hangouts meeting will automatically appear on the touchscreen.

5. Seamlessly integrated with G Suite-Easy Accessibility and Convenience
Because of the convenient integration with Hangouts Meet, G suite customers can have easy meetings and the G suite admins can have easy management of tasks, whether it’s Google Calendar, Drive or Jamboard.

6. Always ready to use-Convenience and Quality
Hangouts Meet is built with a focus on reliability, and thus, quality is guaranteed. As a result, you can have your meetings easily as the toolkit will always be ready for your meeting. Additionally, the toolkit is constantly improving due to its automatic updates.

7. The Touch Screen-Easy Accessibility and Quality
As mentioned above, with one tap, you can effortlessly join, pin, record, or mute with simple and easy-to-use UI. In addition, there is an integrated HDMI-in that allows for seamless sharing of content from any device. There is a 0.1’’, 1280×800 screen with an ultra-side viewing angle and 10 point projected capacitive touch panel.

8. The Camera- Quality
The toolkit includes one camera that can be built to cover multiple meeting rooms. It can capture everyone around the table with extra 120° FOV. In addition, the easy pan, tilt and zoom abilities of the camera can emphasize on your meeting room’s most important content. There is also an enable face detection function for small rooms to automatically zoom and crop.

9. The Speaker Mic- Quality
The toolkit also includes the speaker mic that is designed by Google with the goal of aiding distraction free meetings. The directional microphones ensure clear pickup. There is a world class speech preservation and noise suppression function that creates a distraction free environment.

10. The Chromebox- Quality
The Chromebox, centerpiece of Hangouts Meet toolkit, has a Intel Core i7 processor and a dedicated hardware video accelerator that ensures a smooth-running meeting. It is easy to set up and automatically installs the latest updates so the kit is always improving and secure. There is also an integrated USB peripheral firmware update so that all the components of the Hangouts Meet kit are receives the latest updates.

There are many more ways to utilize Hangouts Meet for your company. By obtaining this kit, you will have a professional quality video conferencing solution that is powered by Google G suite with a responsive contact support for any questions or issues.

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