What is the Best G Suite Plan For Your Company

Choose the Right G Suite for your Organization
To start off, we need to ask what is G Suite? Well, it is a collection of web-based applications powered by Google that provides the essentials for a successful business: real-time team collaboration as well as a good storage for individual works. Furthermore, the catch is that you can access it anywhere as long as you have a browser open. There are, however, different versions of G Suite: G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, and G Suite Enterprise. So, which one is the best for your organization?

G Suite Basic
This version offers all of the application services such as messaging that involves Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Groups for Business, which provides web forums and shared inboxes, Google Hangout etc. Usage and support wise, G Suite Basic allows access to unlimited number of users, and provides each user with 30 GB. Included in the usage and support for this edition is 24/7 phone support, email support, and video conferencing. Similar to the other versions, G Suite Basic offers custom email address, migration services, enterprise sync and access options. The main difference between G Suite Basic edition and other editions lies in the security and business control area. For example, security key management and advanced auditing reports are not available to this edition. Therefore, if your business does not need heavy analysis reports, G Suite Basic is recommended, and it is $5 a user per month.
G Suite Business
This edition contains all the functions that G Suite Basic has and more. Different from the 30 GB that G Suite Basic provides to all of its users, the Business edition will allow unlimited storage per user. What is also different is that there are more functions available to this edition in the security and business control area. For example, mobile audit, advanced Drive auditing reports, and advanced Drive admin controls are provided in this edition. For businesses that need more analysis and more control functions for the administrators, this version is recommended, and it is $10 a user per month.
G Suite Enterprise
G Suite Enterprise has all the functions as mentioned above, but also provide more services in the security and control area, such as data loss prevention and security key management. In addition, it supports hosting larger meetings. This edition allows a 50 people meeting that can also be recorded. Furthermore, this edition offers dial-in access to meetings which will allow meetings to become more efficient. Therefore, if you are a big corporation that want advanced functions, choose the Enterprise edition. This edition is $25 a user per month.
Why Restrict yourself to One Edition?
Different licenses may be purchased for different business units within one corporation if you have G Suite Business purchased with at least 350 accounts under your corporation. In other words, you may purchase the basic edition for one department while the enterprise edition for another. For more details about terms, consult with Google or its retailers.
With G Suite and its different editions that cater to different needs, this will boost the efficiency as well as provide easier collaboration to your business. More details can be found here.