Why Your Organization Needs a Security Protection for Google Drive

If you’re no stranger to Google Workspace, chances are that you already know it’s a good idea to have protection for your organization for Google Drive.  You may not, however, realize that it’s not just a good idea, it’s imperative if you want to avoid risking a world of trouble.

Security for Google Drive is Crucial

Google Drive is a Google service that allows for the service and sharing of files online.  With over 800 million users, data is processed and stored in their data in Google-owned servers. 

A number of Google Drive users are enterprise companies, like FILA, Colgate-Palmolive, and Verizon.  They realize the need for security because they have too much at stake to take chances.  The truth of the matter is that you do too, no matter how medium or small your organization is.  In fact, you probably stand to lose more since it’s unlikely you have billions of dollars-worth of insurance at your disposal to carry your business through in the event the worst happens.

False Security

Many organization leaders assume cloud-based business is automatically safe and secure.  While Google does take as many precautions on their end as possible, nothing is fool-proof. 

Cyber-crimes are exploding. Last year alone, 62% of companies experienced social engineering and phishing attacks.  There is a hacker attack once every 39 seconds.  And, they are all mere attempts.  From high-jacking valuable account information to stealing your clients’ identities, the possibilities are endless. 

The majority of medium and small organizations simply can’t afford to take the hit.  Mid-size enterprises are the most vulnerable of all.  Hackers tend to go after companies that have enough to make their efforts worthwhile, but not so much that they take the security measures such as major corporations do.  Most mid-sized companies doing business on Google Drive aren’t able to absorb the company loss and neither can they afford to lose customers’ trust.  Don’t think cyber-criminals don’t know that.

What goes into the Cloud isn’t guaranteed to stay in the Cloud.  Taking proactive measures is not only wise…it’s imperative.

Security Solutions Now Available to All

There once was a time when small to medium-sized businesses and organizations didn’t have access to premium protection like Google Drive security solutions.  They either couldn’t find coverage or couldn’t afford it.  Now, Netkiller offers security solutions to everyone. 

Netkiller ISMS Solutions

Before you panic and shut down your convenient Google Drive services, there’s a simple solution to the security issues – Netkiller ISMS Solutions. 

ISMS Solutions is a management consulting firm that takes a hardline, holistic, organized and energized approach to addressing risk management, compliance strategy, implementation, and risk management.  The Netkiller ISMS Solutions team is comprised of experts that collaborate with clients of small, medium, and large organizations to customize the most optimal security available for Google Drive users.

With Google Drive security solutions are at your fingertip, you no longer have to hold your breath every time you get online, wondering if you’ve been hacked.  There’s no more gambling.  ISMS Solutions is a simple and seamless way to protect your organization as well as your associates, vendors, and customers. 

How Netkiller ISMS Solutions works to protect Google Drive organizations is highly specialized and professional yet taking security measures has never been easier.  Automated and implemented standards are through a SaaS platform, Conformance Works.  Clients are able to manage and customize their risk and compliance initiatives across the board, putting attention where it matters most.

What Netkiller ISMS Solutions Covers

Netkiller ISMS is a Google integrated security login and Google Drive DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution. The service allows you the ability to monitor all of your domain users Google Drive activities, contents for DLP rule violations, internal or external sharing status and many features in real-time.  The Netkiller ISMS Solutions platform works with any Google Workspace plan.

The service can be utilized for ISO 9001 (QMS), ISO 14001 (EMS), ISO 15489 (document management), ISO 20000 (SMS), and ISO 27001.  Netkiller team provides consulting in addition to the security protection for Google Drive. They bring to the table over thirteen years in the industry. 

For more information about Netkiller ISMS Solutions for Google Drive security and to find out what it can do for you, visit the Netkiller ISMS website.