KillerID update, enforcing 2 step authentication and login page theme change features

Netkiller KillerID has been upgraded to version 2.3.

This upgrade is released with the ability to apply a mandatory two-factor authentication process for employee security. Enforcement of two-factor authentication is a cumbersome task for corporate administrators, and the update provides an easy solution to this. KillerID provides a more flexible two-factor authentication by supporting multi-factor authentication methods, such as Google authentication key and recovery email in addition to mobile phone SMS to enforce 2-step verification.

Plus, a background theme can be applied to the company universal login page for users, and the design of the user profile screen has been improved. Additionally, the login page background can also be changed.

Background theme change feature

The administrator can set the background image of the login page, and the background image set by the administrator is applied to the general user’s login background image. * Note: Can be applied for the new UI only. Classic login page users are not supported.

[Admin page]
It can be set in the KillerID Admin Page> Company> Theme> Background Image menu.

[User page]
You can check the changed background image on the login page.

Enforced two-factor authentication policy

If you want to enforce two-factor authentication to all users across the board, please ask our KillerID support team to apply this for you. When applying this feature, users must unilaterally enable 2-Step Verification, and mobile phone registration for SMS verification becomes mandatory. Netkiller strongly recommends two-factor authentication for secure cloud environments.

Personal Profile Page Update

The UI/UX of the personal profile page has been improved, and you can also check your own login history.

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