Why Video Conferencing powered by Google Hangout makes sense and is affordable for businesses

Numerous obstacles may come your way as your boss arranges a meeting in his headquarters. You might be on a business trip only to rush back on a two hour flight just to make it on time for an important meeting. Or you might be working from home, having to drive an hour so you can be present in a thirty minute appointment with your boss.
Introducing a convenient Video Conferencing tool, Chromebox For Meetings, powered by Google Hangout. This conference tool allows you to easily connect with anyone from anywhere. Just simply set up the meeting and share your link. Then your clients, partners, or employees with any device, such as a mobile phone, computer will be present at the meeting as long as the complimentary app is installed. In addition, the conference tool is easy to set up and only takes up a few minutes.
Furthermore, the Chromebox for Meetings is fully integrated with G Suite, so you can join meetings directly from a Calendar event or email invite. Because easy, convenient communication among multiple parties is essential to the success of a business, this video conferencing tool is a great tool for businesses to own. As one review states: “Overall,  it  can  really  make  a  change  to  how businesses  communicate,  especially in small  to medium multi-site companies that haven’t been able to invest in video before” and “Crucially, it simplifies the user experience to make video conferencing an accessible resource.  In our business, it has improved how our offices communicate on a day to day basis and helped our team feel more connected.”
Aside from the benefits of easy communication that Chromebox For Meeting provides, it can also sync with other Video Conferencing systems. There is also a Chromebox built for every room size you would like, up to 20 people maximum. Even with all these great and essential perks, what makes Chromebox For Meeting so valuable is its affordable price. Chromebox, plus everything you need including first year’s $250 management and support fee, starts only at $999. What’s included in $999 is a chromebox, a high definition camera, a microphone /speaker, and a remote control. The chromebox contains a fourth generation intel i7 core processor that allows fast and smooth functioning of the machine.
On top of that, there is also a built in dual brand wifi, providing top speed, and an ethernet, which further supports the high speed wifi. The high definition camera provides 1080p, which is the highest viewing quality, and it is up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. Besides the high quality image viewing that this camera allows, it also has autofocus lens and automatic low-light correction that contributes to its clear quality.
The microphone / speaker mute, end call, and volume buttons that serve to enhance the conference experience. There are wide band frequency response, omni directional microphone with noise filter and built in DSP for speech clarity to precisely capture the meeting’s content as members speak. Finally, the wireless remote control contains a full QWERTY keyboard on rear that makes typing convenient when needed. The remote control also contains a nano-sized USB adaptor, and it is RF based, which means no line of sight is necessary.
Again, all of these technologically advanced parts of the video conferencing tool only costs $999; so as one reviewer comments, “[Chromebox For Meeting] is significantly cheaper than other videoconferencing systems.” A great product that can satisfy every business’ communication need at a great price makes a wise investment.