What are the Benefits of G Suite Enterprise


Although G Suite’s popularity has been growing among business owners, many are unaware of the Enterprise edition of G Suite. In the three G Suite editions Basic, Business, and Enterprise, Enterprise is the premium office suite of Google services. In addition to all of the features that G Suite Business provides, G Suite Enterprise offers advanced security, controls and customization.

To be specific, G Suite Enterprise contains the Messaging functions that include Gmail, Calendar, and contacts. The Enterprise edition also has access to Google Drive, Docs, Hangouts, Domain-wide mail and document search, as well as unified search and assist for content in various G Suite services.

Usage and support wise, G Suite Enterprise allows unlimited number of users to access G Suite and video conferencing. In addition, the users will also have unlimited email, document, and photo storage per user. Some other convenient support services include a 24/7 phone support and priority email support.

Another necessary function that all businesses need is a company brand email address that include custom email address for all users and a company address in Google Sites. Furthermore, G Suite Enterprise is able to provide an ad-free experience. In addition, the Enterprise edition provides migration services, is supported by various browsers, mobile friendly, and there is a convenient mailing lists that can be both admin and user controlled.


However, what truly marks G Suite Enterprise apart from the other editions is its security and business controls. Although both G Suite Business and Enterprise editions provide important functions such as 2-step verification, a security system, the Enterprise edition offers Drive data loss prevention and Gmail data loss prevention. With these functions, businesses can now define rules that protect privacy using Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Available sub-functions include sending an email to super administrators, sending an email to the user who created, edited, or uploaded a file with sensitive content, or blocking sharing of any file with sensitive content.  

Another feature unique to G Suite Enterprise edition is Gmail log search in BigQuery. This feature allows businesses to analyze Gmail logs by using advanced custom queries, retain Gmail data for as long as needed, utilize various third-party tools to perform deep analysis, and create custom reporting and dashboards. Also, G Suite Enterprise can set up a third-party archiving solution to archive Gmail journal messages; this function can be extended to comply with email requirements, continue using a third-party archiving solution, and allow user access to archives.

Security key management is also only available in G Suite Enterprise. With this function, the administrator can view and manage the security settings for a particular user in the Google Admin console. Because the Enterprise edition focuses on security, S/MME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) encryption for email which adds a layer of security.

With these great, essential benefits that only G Suite Enterprise can provide, it can bring a business numerous advantages in terms of convenience of communication, workflow improvement, and security. If interested,
contact Netkiller, a partner of G Suite, for additional assistance and benefits.