Transform Your Website with a Google Sites Makeover

If you haven’t been to the Netkiller site in a while, check it out now! We just gave our site a huge face lift for easier navigation and more efficient flow of information. Our site now has integrated slide shows, videos, spreadsheets, live chat, Facebook gadgets, and slick design. The best part? It’s built entirely on the Google Sites platform, which is free by the way. No web hosting is necessary, and you can make an unlimited number of websites.

The new Netkiller site is living proof that you can have your cake and eat it too. So often organizations are forced to choose between a user-friendly back end or professional functionality and design, but with Google Sites you get both. No HTML knowledge is necessary to make changes, and you can still add professional features like videos, spreadsheets, live chat, Facebook gadgets, and design to your site. Furthermore, with the Google Sites contents manager you can keep a history of site revisions and revert back to older versions if desired.

If you’d like to get custom design on your Google Site, Netkiller can make it happen. For just $750 we will custom design your site with seamless background integration, information organization, custom graphics, gadgets (slideshows, tickers, social media, etc.), and up to 5 professional stock images.

For more information or to redesign your site please email or fill out our contact form and a Netkiller specialist will contact you shortly.