First Pure Google Apps Cloud Solution for Ambulance Unit Released

What has Netkiller been up to these past few weeks? Developing the first ever pure Google Apps cloud solution for an Ambulance Unit. Netkiller worked with the Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps (FHVAC) to design and develop a cloud solution for storing and dispatching ambulance response in a timely and efficient manner. NICER was presented last week at Pulse Check, an annual volunteer ambulance conference.

NICER is built entirely on the Google Cloud platform, providing for secure connections and 99.9% up time guaranteed. Because NICER is built purely on this platform, it runs within your Google Apps for Education accounts without 3rd party applications. Google Apps for Education is a free suite of hosted email and collaboration applications for non-profit organizations.

So what exactly is NICER and how does it work? NICER is a case management system designed specifically for ambulance units. NICER uses 4 categories of information to effectively and efficiently store data: Hotline Call, Dispatch Information, Notification, and Crew. Throughout the emergency response all of these activities are logged and instantly entered into and accessible from the program database.

For example, If an emergency call is received, the dispatcher enters the data into the NICER Hotline Call section. Next, the dispatcher notifies an available ambulance/crew and enters the assignment into the Dispatch Information and Crew sections. Finally, as the ambulance notifies the dispatcher of response status, the dispatcher enters these updates into the Notification section.

Alan Wolfe, the President of Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps, remarked,
“Netkiller was able to design exactly what we needed to track our ambulance response. NICER is an easy, convenient and efficient tool that we can afford.”

Key Features of NICER
– Simple, fast, and effective cloud solution
– Store information regarding emergency calls, dispatch, and updates
– Accessible from any computer with Internet by multiple users
– Search database at any time
– Customizable and expandable based on the needs

How to Get Started
Our staff will help you to set up Google Apps for Education and NICER for your organization. Contact us for more information.