The Threat of Cyber Attacks: How to Protect Yourself From Them

How can you protect digital assets that you’re not aware of? If you don’t know how much data you’re holding or how much that data is worth, you can’t make informed decisions about your cybersecurity budget or strategy. A Data Classification & Asset Inventory (DCA & AI) will discover, document, and prescribe handling rules for your sensitive digital information.

The Threat of Cyber Attacks

The advent of computer networks has enabled both employees and organizations to connect over great distances. The Internet has created access to the largest and most diverse amount of information that has ever been accumulated by humans. As cyber threats continue to rise, an increased need for organizations to be ready to defend their assets against cyber attacks. An unprecedented number of cyber threats occur every day, and the sophistication of the cyber threat landscape is extremely high. Therefore, there is a constantly shifting matrix of adversaries looking to exploit security holes.

What is a Data Classification & Asset Inventory?

A Data Classification & Asset Inventory (DCA & AI) solution is a comprehensive digital security strategy that lists, classes, and tracks your various digital assets. Assets include your online accounts, personal information, electronic signatures, mobile phone contents, and more. The DCA & AI’s goal is to accurately categorize these assets, and to provide you with practical steps to take to safeguard them from potential threats or misuse. Why build a digital security strategy with a DCA & AI? It’s simple. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods to track, hack, and breach other people’s digital assets. If they learn about the identity or activity of an individual’s email account, they’ll try to gain access to their financial accounts.

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

Depending on the business, there may be a disconnect between cybercrime and the individuals responsible. The threat of cyber attacks may manifest itself in various ways, including email phishing scams, creating fake websites, malware and ransomware attacks, to name a few. A Cyber Attack Threat Assessment can help IT and business managers alike to mitigate the threat of cyber attacks on their organization. This report may assist IT and business owners to do a cyber attack response analysis and determine the severity of a cyber incident. If a cyber attack has occurred, IT can initiate the recovery process with confidence. IT also has the responsibility of protecting and securing digital assets that are valuable to an organization.


Your business operations rely on digital assets. If your company’s finances are compromised, you’re in danger of losing customers, clients, and even your company itself. Knowing what digital assets you’re holding is important. Your data is as important to your digital wealth as your physical assets. A Data Classification & Asset Inventory will help you ensure that your digital assets are not compromised by bad actors or your own errors. This comprehensive suite is an essential part of your Digital Risk Management toolkit. Netkiller ISMS protects your organization from financial loss, brand reputation, and customers’ frustration by managing the IT risk from your business’s core to its peripheral infrastructure.