How Google Workspaces Are More Secure Than Traditional Cloud Security

Google Workspace’s secure cloud infrastructure and applications are designed to meet stringent privacy, transparency, compliance, and security standards. With Google’s environment constantly improving and evolving, every month brings an influx of new tools and solutions in the Google Workspace landscape designed to make your experience safer and more secure.

What is Google Workspace?

Google is essentially a collection of computing products (not cloud services) that are used to run the business. Google Workspace, a business team within Google Cloud, is where these various Google products are integrated in an integrated environment to deliver scalable and affordable solutions that support some of the world’s largest businesses. Google Workspace includes various products that allow teams to more easily collaborate and communicate across physical and virtual devices, including Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Contacts, Google Forms, Google Hangouts Meet, and Google Groups.

How does Google Workplace differ from traditional cloud security?

In traditional cloud security, IT administrators receive a single point of access to log into the servers that store your critical data, to patch vulnerabilities, and to see who has accessed your critical data. Because you don’t have direct access, security is reactive. As problems arise, you have to react to patch the vulnerabilities or the security controls used to prevent them from happening. The other option is to use an outside threat protection service, like Microsoft Azure AD or Bitglass to monitor security and provide you with a solution to remove vulnerabilities and eliminate insider threats.

With companies opting for an all-in-one cloud solution, cloud security is becoming an ever-important topic for CIOs. Traditional solutions, like virtual private networks (VPNs), VPN gateways, and mobile devices, may allow businesses to protect some data, but have their own limitations, and vulnerabilities. In order to achieve comprehensive data security, Google Workspace does not only secure users, but also resources, data, apps, and data storage.

Unlike traditional cloud security, Google Workspace is primarily a tool that enhances and improves your existing productivity workflows and applications in the cloud. Google is not making the cloud more secure, but rather helping to create and manage secure virtual workspaces for your own personal use, that make you and your data more secure.

While it’s still early days, Google Workspace and Google Cloud have already collected an impressive set of features and services to help simplify your experience and reduce complexity and risk.

Why is it secure?

Many services today are accessed and stored in cloud environments. With limited local security solutions, hackers gain unfettered access to your data, and it becomes more difficult to protect the information stored within. With Google Workspace, a complete digital workspace solution, you can ensure that all your personal data is stored securely, which makes the site less vulnerable to cybercrime. Google has been protecting data and stopping breaches since the inception of the company. Not only have they created the suite of tools to simplify and modernize how you work, they have also strengthened data security with new ways to protect your data, increase transparency, and ensure compliance with stringent security standards.

How do I get started with Google Workspace?

Google Workspace has been designed for everyone in the enterprise, whether you’re an IT manager, a Project Manager, a Technical Analyst, or a member of the Cloud Services team. To get started, sign up for a 14-day trial at the Google Workspace website. Or if you’re not sure, request a 30-day trial from reseller partners and they can give you added value with additional services such as data migration, backup or integration to your IT system.


Businesses can reap the benefits of Google Workspaces without sacrificing control over the IT tools they are most comfortable with. With enterprise-grade security and customer-centric solutions, organizations can trust that all data stored in Google Workspaces is secure. Part of Google’s cloud suite, Google Workspaces gives businesses the flexibility to deploy software from a variety of providers without having to invest in their own infrastructure. Its unified approach to group messaging and collaboration provides flexibility for organizations to choose from an array of vendor-agnostic applications, while ensuring that no data is stored on a third-party provider’s servers.