ITAM 5 Officially Released!

Streamline IT Asset Management with Netkiller’s ITAM 5

Netkiller releases IT Asset Management 5 built on the platform created by Salesforce

Netkiller announced today that it has finally released the much anticipated IT Asset Management 5 (ITAM 5). With an updated user interface and streamlined features, this version of the classic ITAM 4 is sure to please even the toughest CTO.

Built on the platform, ITAM 5 integrates seamlessly with your existing Salesforce CRM (enterprise and unlimited edition). Even if you are not a Salesforce user, Netkiller has designed a standalone version of ITAM 5 for you.

ITAM 5 is the on-demand IT asset management service that consolidates computer hardware and software assets in real time to easily identify users as well as their computer assets within your organization. Asset management allows you to reduce IT costs by more efficiently managing user computers, hardware, software contracts, clients, and contacts. Furthermore, you can assign both internal and external contacts to company assets. This means that ITAM 5 can not only act as an internal asset management system, but can also be integral to your company’s external service offerings to customers.

With ITAM 5 you get a fully customized dashboard with an enhanced interface to monitor IT assets via reports and graphics in real-time. This information helps you streamline your budget and allocation of IT assets, even when assets are constantly changing. Imagine your company purchases an iPad in your main office, ships it to your local office, and assigns it to a user. With ITAM 5 you can create a log for the iPad, track it along its way, and finally assign it to a user.

Another great feature included in ITAM 5 is the Agent. The Netkiller Agent provides real-time scanned data of company computer specifications, allowing the administrator to monitor the allocation and usage of IT assets by user.

Lastly, ITAM 5 is fully customizable. Netkiller can modify menus and labels to fit the unique asset management needs of any business.

Key Features

– No hardware required

– Easy-to-use (interface similar to Salesforce)

– Keep track of hardware, software, and other inventory

– Manage assets located at multiple locations

– Manage access level of users

– Monitor the real-time data of computer specs with Netkiller Agent

– Customize menus

To Learn More
Netkiller ITAM 5 Page

– Contact at or call +1-408-573-6890

About Netkiller

Netkiller is a leading global cloud IT integration firm with over 10 years of experience. Netkiller released its first based version of ITAM at the 2009 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. The name Netkiller stands for Network Trouble Killers originating from a non-profit organization comprised of IT professionals founded in 1997. The privately-held company was founded in 2004 in Seoul, Korea, and since its formation, Netkiller has been providing tools for the IT industry to efficiently manage IT resources. Netkiller now has offices in San Jose, Seoul and Tokyo for developing cloud computing applications to provide cost-effective IT asset management, Google applications, and other useful programs.
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