Boost your business productivity with Postini by Netkiller

What is Postini?
Operated by Google, Postini provides security and archiving services for email and web networks. Postini operates in the Google cloud, saving your company time and money otherwise spent on expensive hardware and IT costs. Additionally, if your company experiences a server blackout, Postini services will allow you to continue business through the Google cloud.

There are 5 distinct Postini products, each specifically designed to protect your company, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Google Message Security
-Protects against spam, viruses, phishing, etc.
-Saves bandwidth by filtering out spam before emails reach your server
-Spooling of messages if email servers unavailable
-Protects sensitive messages by using SSL or TLS protocols
-Transport layer encryption
-No additional hardware or software necessary

Google Message Discovery
-Google Message Security
-Preserve off-site backup of emails in Google’s highly secure data centers
-Archive search, export, storage, and audit reports
-Store virtually unlimited amounts of email
-Individual access to personal archive for end users
-No additional hardware or software necessary

Google Message Continuity
-Google Message Security
-Google-hosted continuity solution for on-premise email server
-25 GB of storate
-Contact synchronization between Gmail and Microsoft Exchange
-Email, calendar, and contacts access during Microsoft Exchange outages
-Same username login enables rapid email failover
-No hardware installation required, managed through a simple web interface.

Google Message Encryption
-Automatically encrypt messages that contain confidential or protected information.
-Create content based policies to help comply with GLBA, HIPAA, PCI DSS and data privacy regulations
-Inspect emails and attachments and apply encryption policies based on content. Use predefined lexicons to enable automatic encryption of policy-controlled content.
-Produce reports showing encrypted messages and policy enforcement
-Google Message Security or Google Message Discovery required

Google Web Security
-Protects against web malware attacks
-Built on security platform that detects new and known malware threats
-Allows IT to create, enforce, and monitor web usage policies
-Reduces IT costs through prevention

What is Netkiller?
Netkiller is a leading global Cloud IT integration firm with over 10 years of experience. As a Postini and Google Apps Authorized Reseller, Netkiller provides expert setup and support to help organizations integrate cloud computing to dramatically reduce IT costs and increase productivity.

Why get Postini with Netkiller?
As an authorized Postini reseller, Netkiller implements Postini services across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Netkiller provides expert Postini deployment services, complete setup instructions, and a unique health check-up with the Postini global support team to ensure your email flows are running smoothly. All of this is done for just a $100 setup fee. Unlike purchasing through Google, no minimum purchase is required.

1. All-in-one Setup: Netkiller provides a complete Postini setup process laid out for the customer to follow and understand fully.

2. Activation & Configuration Support

3. Health Check-Up: After Postini setup is complete, Netkiller works directly with Postini Global Support to ensure email flows are working correctly.

4. Free Tech Support: Any inquiry will be addressed within 24 hours.

Purchase and Contact Information
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