Netkiller Takes Fire Safety Onto the Cloud

Pure Google Apps Solutions are finding their way into more and more industries, and Netkiller is helping them get there.  This January, RFSignalman, a division of Niemann Technology Inc. (NTI), implemented a Google Apps Engine-based system, designed by Netkiller, that allows them to streamline the process of helping their clients meet fire code specifications*.

RFSignalman is an independent testing company located in Elk Grove, CA that helps property owners comply with fire code regulations by meeting indoor radio coverage requirements.  They work with both property owners and Public Safety, providing accurate data that is utilized to improve Public Safety communications.

In order to accommodate the large volume of data and communication between property owners, field engineers, and Public Safety, Netkiller needed to build an application that could provide discrete functions for different groups of users, as well as store data, generate reports, and streamline communication.  All of this, with the addition of security, remote access, and reliability meant that the Google Apps Engine was the clear choice.

The result is an application which accommodates separate functions for the customer, the field engineer, Public Safety, and administration through discrete and secure access interfaces.  Customers use the application to request radio coverage measurement services for their properties.  Then, the field engineer gathers measurement data from the physical location into CVS files.  These files are uploaded to the application, which then generates PDF reports to certify that the building complies with fire codes.  Public Safety then uses the application to review and export information about buildings with signal data under their jurisdiction.

The powerful application developed by Netkiller supports four separate levels of access, streamlining the process and keeping it secure by separating the information presented to customers, field engineers, and Public Safety into separate user interfaces. Each user interface connects to a Google doc-based database that stores customer information and field test data.  The information is then used to produce online map displays of tested buildings, certification test reports, summary and adhoc reports for Public Safety, as well as online billing, scheduling, and more.  Netkiller built the entire application on the web using the Google Apps Engine, and the entire process occurs online.

Paul Niemann, President of said,  “By integrating automated measurement equipment, a powerful custom application developed for us by Netkiller and Google technologies to collaborate and share information, RFSignalman is able to provide an economical field service and an accurate documentation platform.  Having on-line access to radio coverage data directly improves the safety for our emergency responders and our community.”

*Since the events of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent investigation into building safety by both FEMA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), fire codes have been modified by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) to include a mandatory annual certification of sufficient radio coverage for Public Safety emergency responders within buildings.  Meeting these codes is the responsibility of the property owner.

About Netkiller
Netkiller is an Information Technology integration firm based in San Jose, Seoul, and Tokyo. The name originated from the ‘Network Trouble Killers’ community (over 25,000 members), which has been active since 1997 and was incorporated in 2004. Netkiller has almost a 10 year history of innovation in IT and Cloud Computing.