Building Google+ Enterprise Social Networks

Google+ for Google Apps for Business Customers

Google+ for Google Apps accounts, introduced by Google October, 2011, is the first social networking solution specifically for businesses with native integration to Google Apps.  The business uses of Google+ extend far beyond the implications of a “social network,” as Google+ provides mechanisms for communication that further streamline an organization’s operation; building a stronger business through communication.  Learn more about Google+ for Apps features at the Official Google Blog.

Google+ is a powerful business innovation, and Netkiller can help Google Apps customers build this social network into their business strategy.  Netkiller will provide assistance getting Google+ for Apps activated, as well as instructing personnel about the uses of the application, reviewing system requirements, and enabling Google+.  Netkiller will also provide consultation to help organizations make the most of Google+ based on what applications those organizations may be running and what specific implementation is required.  In addition, Netkiller can furnish organizations with custom development.

Netkiller is a cloud integration firm, and provides pure Google Apps solutions and custom app development.  Netkiller can customize Google+ for the specific needs of an organization, including custom appearance and integration with other information systems.  Customers can get started by contacting Netkiller at sales[at]netkiller[dot]com, and a representative will be in touch to discuss Google+ implementation and any custom needs customers may have.
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