Netkiller Summer Promotion

Netkiller initiates Summer Promotion for Google Apps as below and it will last until end of this month! Please check it out! You may also find the latest event and promotion info on Netkiller’s website.

Netkiller Summer Promotion
– July 2014 –

Buy Google Apps for Business or
Upgrade to Google Apps Unlimited and get 

5% credit

or One of the Following

Promotion 1. Buy Google Apps Unlimited
List price for Google Apps Unlimited is $120 / user / year
* Earn 5% credit or voucher to use on your purchase

5% OFF

Apply Now
Please enter promo code ” five ” to redeem!

To learn more about Google Apps Unlimited, Click here.

Promotion 2. Buy or Renew Google Apps
Buy Google Apps for Business for 12 months subscription and get a FREE Gmail keyboard shortcut sticker.
(1 new account = 1 sticker)

Apply Now
Please enter promo code ” sticker ” to redeem!

Gmail shortcut command list; click here

This offer is valid for new and existing Netkiller clients who purchase Google Apps for Business now through July 31, 2014 with annual(12 months or prorated) plan. Clients activating trials between now and July 31, 2014 will qualify for the promotion as well and will receive their item after they have signed agreement and have paid for the Google Apps licenses to Netkiller Inc. It will take approximately 1 month for you to receive your item after signing an agreement and fully paying to Netkiller for your Google Apps Business/Unlimited account. 
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