Netkiller Barcode Scanner New Feature Release: Compatibility with USB Barcode Scanner and GPS coordinates

Netkiller Barcode Scanner’s new release comes with improved capabilities that streamline inventory management and improve mobility. New features include GPS form fields that provide users with the location of the inventory item, and integration with USB-cable barcode scanners.

USB Barcode Scanner

By connecting a USB-cable barcode scanner to a device, users can easily and efficiently scan hundreds of items in a matter of minutes. In order to do so, users simply connect the barcode scanner to the computer, visit the Netkiller Barcode Scanner application on desktop, and click the scan button on main menu and begin scanning.

With this feature, users can scan and log items with increased mobility and ease. Within the warehouse or during transport, users can easily use a barcode scanner to log serial numbers without having to take pictures of serial numbers.  

GPS Form Fields

This new release enables users to save location with just one tap—from there, users can see the longitude/latitude of the item, as well as view the location of the objected on as provided by the URL. Netkiller Barcode Scanner’s integration with Google Sheets further enhances the capabilities of this function by allowing users to compare object locations and manage other assets conveniently.


The addition of this feature allows for new capabilities. For example, users may then track locations of objects efficiently. This function will easily allow users to be automatically updated whenever an inventory object is moved to a new location.